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NBA partners with Leo Burnett Dubai and Publicis Groupe Middle East in ‘Nets for Change’ campaign news

NBA partners with Leo Burnett Dubai and Publicis Groupe Middle East in ‘Nets for Change’ campaign

In an innovative move to merge sports, social impact, and environmental consciousness, the NBA has launched a transformative initiative, “Nets for Change,” in collaboration with Leo Burnett Dubai and Publicis Groupe Middle East.

The campaign’s core objective is twofold: repurpose abandoned fishing nets as basketball nets while nurturing love of the game for aspiring young female basketball players across India.

India’s marine ecosystem suffers from a staggering presence of discarded fishing nets, constituting a significant portion of marine debris and causing irreparable harm to marine life. At the same time, numerous basketball courts lie neglected across the country, symbolizing untapped potential and unseen athletic talent, especially among aspiring young girls in the community.

“Nets for Change” aims to address these dual challenges by recycling fishing nets to create basketball nets, addressing environmental concerns but also broadening opportunities to engage more young female athletes in the basketball community.

At the heart of this initiative lies the compelling short film “JUMP,” which narrates the journey of a young girl named Ananya through spoken word poetry. Ananya’s story symbolizes the leap from neglect and abandonment to empowerment and recognition, paralleling the transformation of overlooked basketball hoops into vibrant ones. Accompanying the film is an original soundtrack titled “Udh Le” (meaning “Go Fly” in Hindi), composed to encapsulate Ananya’s journey of resilience and determination.

Tahaab Rais, Chief Strategy Officer, Publicis Groupe Middle East & Turkey and the creative force and film director behind the campaign: “I was walking down a street and saw birds fly out of a window of an abandoned villa. They were flying from a place they were comfortable in and settled in, into a place of unfamiliarity. That leap of faith those pigeons took got me thinking about the brief we had from the NBA. Those birds flying up from their today to their tomorrow, forged the core premise behind the film – to fly, to jump.”