Marketing Report


Coca-Cola launches limited edition creation inspired by African culture

24-05-2024 | 09:52:00
Ahead of celebrating Africa Day, Coca-Cola is dropping its newest Coca-Cola Creation, Coca-Cola Wozzaah, a symphony of flavors inspired by the beating heart of African culture.

Instagram celebrates African Women in ‘Made by Africa, loved by the world’ campaign

22-05-2024 | 08:42:52
In a first, this year's Instagram campaign celebrates women of impact, spotlighting four trailblazing women from the continent and diaspora.

Mitgo Group launches platform connecting creators with brands in MENA

21-05-2024 | 08:50:00
The launch of Takefluence will allow Mitgo Group to strengthen its position in the MENA influencer marketing industry, which experts estimate at more than $1 billion.

Forum3 unveils a new platform connecting brands with AI creators

13-05-2024 | 07:20:00
Hive3 mobilizes a passionate community of creators and runs competitions to reimagine brand marketing and uncover future possibilities using AI.

Budweiser Brazil turns songs that mention the brand into targeted ads on Spotify playlists

07-05-2024 | 07:15:00
But Budweiser created a new way of advertising with UninterruptAds: a pioneering initiative that converts songs that mention the brand’s name into targeted ads within the platform in Brazil.

African Union and Google Africa launch campaign to celebrate the creative economy

06-05-2024 | 08:00:01
In celebration of Africa Month,YouTube creators across Africa are invited to share short videos capturing their unique perspectives using the #DiscoverMyAfrica hashtag.

Pushing the boundaries of fan engagement: what brands can learn from the demakes phenomenon

01-05-2024 | 10:48:00
For a long time gaming has mostly been about playing, but that is no longer the case. Nowadays, creation has also become an integral part of the gaming world.

Interpublic Group partners with Adobe to power content creation for brands and marketers

23-04-2024 | 08:24:00
 IPG is the first company to integrate Adobe GenStudio – which enables brands to speed up content ideation, creation, production and activation through generative AI – into its own marketing technology platform.

Mentos partners with VML in WIFI refresh campaign

12-04-2024 | 07:50:00
According to a study carried out by Dartmouth University (USA), researchers claim that placing aluminum foil around router antennas can improve the signal and reduce interference. Based on this study, Mentos created the "Wifi Refresh" campaign.

GigaStar to launch $1m YouTube Creator Fund to award creators

11-04-2024 | 12:47:00
GigaStar, a startup bringing creators and Investors together, is launching $1 million YouTube Creator Fund to help accelerate the journey of YouTubers.

Roblox taps PubMatic to offer programmatic immersive video ads on its platform

11-04-2024 | 09:55:57
The partnership will allow more brands to seamlessly reach Roblox’s global community of over 71 million daily active users, nearly half of them representing the highly coveted Gen Z demographic, while Roblox will gain scaled access to premium brand advertising demand.

Adobe introduces next generation to boost content workflow for creative projects

10-04-2024 | 10:33:46
As teams and organizations race to meet the accelerating demand for video content, creatives and stakeholders at all stages of development are slowed down by disconnected tools and systems.

NBA partners with Leo Burnett Dubai and Publicis Groupe Middle East in ‘Nets for Change’ campaign

03-04-2024 | 08:24:13
The campaign’s core objective is twofold: repurpose abandoned fishing nets as basketball nets while nurturing love of the game for aspiring young female basketball players across India.

Instagram unveils new dynamic motion identity system targeting creators

19-03-2024 | 09:29:00
To celebrate and inspire its community of creators, Instagram has refreshed and expanded its brand identity. With billions of users worldwide, motion plays a significant role in how the product is marketed and experienced.

Apple introduces transcripts for Apple podcasts

19-03-2024 | 09:22:44
With transcripts, users can read the full text of an episode, search the episode for a specific word or phrase, and tap on the text to play the podcast from that point in the episode.

Authentic connections and transparency elevate influencer trust and drive brand engagement, study

27-02-2024 | 07:05:00
With media spend on the global influencer market expected to approach $6 billion in 2024, a new research report released by Snapchat and MAGNA Media Trials revealed how content creators and brand-sponsored content could push the industry even further.

Coca‑Cola launches Happy Tears soda exclusively on TikTok

23-02-2024 | 09:02:00
The limited-edition offering combines a timeless Coke taste infused with a salty splash of minerals for taste and a sweet pinch of peach, drawing inspiration from the tears of joy brought on by small, everyday acts of kindness.

Somention: UGC is taking over the world, and here's what you need to know

15-02-2024 | 10:06:00
The creator economy is booming and is only expected to continue growing in 2024. The era of polished content, the perfect aesthetics, and models is coming to an end. Everyday people and everyday content is taking the lead.

Young Lions Competitions in UK, MENA and APAC open for entry

14-02-2024 | 08:10:00
Aspiring young PR professionals have the chance to showcase their creativity and strategic thinking by answering a creative brief provided by a regional charity in 24 hours.

Ambassadors and Amp.Amsterdam merge to form a creative production unit

09-02-2024 | 08:12:17
At the helm of this exciting new venture is newly appointed Managing Director, Sanne Tolsma,  who brings a wealth of experience in international business and agency management.

Americans for Prosperity launches new ad campaign in support of tax-free health savings account act

06-02-2024 | 07:16:53
A :30 video and a series of display ads that promote the legislation will run for the next six months on digital platforms in the Washington, D.C. metro area and dozens of congressional districts represented by key U.S. House lawmakers.