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Diageo Luxury and Colourcake elevate brand experience through print and design collaboration news

Diageo Luxury and Colourcake elevate brand experience through print and design collaboration

Understanding the importance that design and print materials play in enhancing brand experiences, Valentijn Elderenbosch, Customer Activation Manager Luxury Portfolio at Diageo scouted for a partner to elevate their luxury brand portfolio.

From seeding kits and collectors items, to premium goods and sample packaging, the intricate details in the choice of paper, textures, and ink depths underscore the brand's commitment to quality and creativity. Colourcake will play a dedicated role in conceptualizing and creating visually luxurious designs that resonate with the essence of each brand in the Diageo Luxury portfolio.

The collaboration kicked off with the development of the Johnnie Walker Blue Elusive Umami sample box.

Dylan Bartels, Account Manager Print, Colourcake: "This exclusive whiskey sets high standards, with only one barrel out of 25,000 meeting the criteria, our challenge was to match that excellence in packaging. We focussed on capturing that depth and dimension into the execution, mirroring the layered complexity of the whiskey itself.

Valentijn Elderenbosch, Marketing Manager Luxury Benelux, Diageo: “Earlier this year I was actively looking for a partner in design that could elevate the Luxury standards for the print and design projects on some of our brands including Johnnie Walker Blue Label, the Singleton and Don Julio. I heard great feedback about the work of Colourcake through friends and industry colleagues so decided to run some pilot projects with them. The creativity of the team, as well as their professionalism has led to some great results including this Johnnie Walker Blue Label Elusive Umami sample boxes. Besides, the business created fixed points of contact for us of designers, project managers and creatives which makes things easier to work with. Lastly, we all know things are not always perfect from the start; however the team has proactively been asking for- and acting on feedback which is a must in every creative collaboration.”

Colourcake, known for its client-focused approach, is enthusiastic about the partnership.

Ischa Moonen, Creative Director, Colourcake: "Working with Diageo Luxury is an incredible opportunity for us to contribute to the visual legacy of some of the world's most iconic brands. We look forward to combining our creative expertise and heritage in print with Diageo Luxury's brands’ craftsmanship to create designs and printwork that leave a lasting impression."