Marketing Report


StackAdapt and OpenX partner to enable political advertisers to reach target audiences programmatically

13-05-2024 | 07:55:00
In the US, $8.9 billion was spent on political advertising during the 2022 midterm elections. AdImpact estimates that the 2024 political cycle will see that number increase to $10.2 billion, with a quarter of that spend going to digital and CTV.

Integral Ad Science expands its Made for Advertising AI-driven solution to reduce media waste

06-05-2024 | 06:37:00
With this enhancement, IAS now provides advertisers the first solution that can measure and optimize against both MFA and Ad Clutter sites to drive maximum efficacy across the programmatic buying process. partners with Intent IQ to launch cookieless advertising solution

29-04-2024 | 09:55:00's new offering enables advertisers to quickly scale their addressable, contextual, and third-party audiences using cookieless solutions, powered by Intent IQ, to extend targeting capabilities.

At least four in ten campaigns will run on CTV in the next two years, study

23-04-2024 | 08:15:00
As the programmatic ecosystem prepares for the deprecation of the third-party cookie, the proportion of campaigns run via CTV across Europe is set to increase substantially while brands and agencies alike lean more into curated media buys.

Instacart and The Trade Desk partner to enhance programmatic advertising for CPG brands

15-04-2024 | 08:15:00
The partnership aims to make CPG advertisers' media buys more data-driven on The Trade Desk by enabling them to reach purchase-minded audiences based on Instacart's consumer behavior and product purchase data.

Roblox taps PubMatic to offer programmatic immersive video ads on its platform

11-04-2024 | 09:55:57
The partnership will allow more brands to seamlessly reach Roblox’s global community of over 71 million daily active users, nearly half of them representing the highly coveted Gen Z demographic, while Roblox will gain scaled access to premium brand advertising demand.

PubMatic announces Instacart ads integration to leverage retail media data across CTV

04-04-2024 | 09:23:11
Mars will be one of the first brands to activate Instacart’s retail media data with PubMatic via deal ID for CTV and premium video campaigns to enhance their advertising ROI.

Perion's Hivestack partners with Chinese DSP, tapping into the world's largest DOOH market

12-03-2024 | 09:54:00
This collaboration marks a significant milestone in leveraging China's position as the largest DOOH market in the world, with a projected market of $5.2B in 2024.

Health Union launches programmatic solutions connecting health-focused audiences with brands through effective targeting

30-01-2024 | 09:34:45
With the inclusion of recent, behaviorally-based signals, brand partners can now expand reach to actively engaged audiences, at scale, during activatable moments in the health journey.

Programmatic investment drives digital advertising market in Europe, report

29-01-2024 | 07:10:00
Notably, 54% of advertisers now allocate over 41% of their digital campaigns to programmatic investment, marking a significant increase from the previous year.

Olyns partners with Screenverse to sell its Digital Out-of-Home network on programmatic platforms

22-01-2024 | 09:15:00
Olyns, an innovative AI-powered recycling solution and retail media network, has announced its partnership with Screenverse, Inc., a leading ad management company that specializes in maximizing revenue for digital screen owners.

70 per cent of APAC marketers are spending on in-app advertising, report

16-01-2024 | 09:57:00
The study surveyed brands and agencies across Singapore, Japan and South Korea to discover to discover their mobile and in-game ad buying preferences and challenges, as well as plans for 2024.

Polish Organization of Advertisers launched

19-12-2023 | 09:28:00
The Polish Organization of Advertisers (Polska Organizacja Reklamodawców - POR) has been officially launched in November with the support of WFA, creating a new and powerful voice for the interests of brand marketers in Poland and central Europe.

Global ad spend to reach $752.8 billion in 2024, Dentsu forecasts

07-12-2023 | 07:30:00
Digital is also expected to follow an upward trajectory to reach $442.6 billion in 2024, representing 58.8% of global advertising spend.

Hivestack launches programmatic digital out of home marketplace in Sweden

05-12-2023 | 07:25:00
 Now for the first time, brands, agencies, omnichannel DSPs and media owners - both in the country and globally - can access the Hivestack platform and suite of solutions to plan, activate, measure and drive revenue from programmatic DOOH campaigns in Sweden.

Hivestack launches an industry platform for curated deals in DOOH

23-11-2023 | 07:15:00
Hivestack Curate provides a unique opportunity that puts buyers in the driver's seat to create tailored, transparent, customized deals.

Global programmatic advertising spending market size to grow by $434 billion between 2022 to 2027, report

08-11-2023 | 08:09:55
High penetration of digital advertising is notably driving the programmatic advertising spending market.

New programmatic advertising study reveals $6.6 billion cost of bid shading

23-10-2023 | 08:15:00
Bid shading, a pervasive optimization practice used in programmatic advertising, is likely leading to $6.6 billion in wasted advertising spend each year.

Hivestack partners with Grupo Expansión for programmatic DOOH in Mexico

18-10-2023 | 15:36:52
As part of this announcement, Grupo Expansión’s impressive network of DOOH screens in multiple environments such as Roadside, Airports and Shopping Malls will be integrated into the Hivestack SSP.

AdPlanet partners with Vengo adding over 17,000 advertising screens to its programmatic DOOH inventory

16-10-2023 | 09:05:00
adPlanet Retail Media Group, the largest grocery and retail digital out-of-home (DOOH) network, has announced its partnership with Vengo™, the place-based media technology platform.

Hivestack partners with Up Media to grow DOOH marketplace in Thailand

12-10-2023 | 15:31:01
Hivestack, the independent programmatic digital out of home (DOOH) ad tech company has grown its presence in Thailand through a new DOOH partnership with local media owner specializing in elevator screens, Up Media.