Marketing Report


Digital Turbine to deliver green mobile advertising solutions powered by Scope3

16-04-2024 | 11:46:24
Working with Scope3, Digital Turbine will further its commitment to efficient, green mobile advertising as part of the greater move to accelerate the reduction of CO2 emissions in line with Goal 13 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Comcast Advertising unveils solution to boost TV ad measurement accuracy

15-04-2024 | 08:30:00
This new industry solution aims to provide measurement companies and platforms with a reliable identity signal that can be used across multiple privacy-forward use cases.

Social media advertising platform Tiger Pistol expands advertiser ecosystem to include TikTok

15-04-2024 | 08:10:00
In response to advertisers' demand for scalable vertical video social ads, Tiger Pistol, the local social media advertising platform, has made a significant product expansion by integrating TikTok, a trailblazer in short-form video content, into its advertiser ecosystem.

[Column] Tim Wesdijk: The end of third-party cookies: Here's what you need to know

12-04-2024 | 07:45:00
Google has announced that by the end of the third quarter of 2024, Third-Party cookies will be phased out, removing a crucial source of data for marketers and advertisers.

DoubleVerify expands AI-powered brand safety capabilities for TikTok advertisers

12-04-2024 | 07:30:00
As TikTok continues to grow in popularity, the expansion allows advertisers to navigate the complex digital landscape with precision, ensuring their brand promotion is aligned with suitable content on the platform.

Roblox taps PubMatic to offer programmatic immersive video ads on its platform

11-04-2024 | 09:55:57
The partnership will allow more brands to seamlessly reach Roblox’s global community of over 71 million daily active users, nearly half of them representing the highly coveted Gen Z demographic, while Roblox will gain scaled access to premium brand advertising demand.

Captify launches TV search lift offering for CTV advertisers

08-04-2024 | 07:17:00
This offering will bring Captify’s Search Intelligence to the television landscape for the first time, helping brands elevate their CTV campaigns with real-time intent audiences and measure the impact on highly relevant, in-market households.

Yahoo debuts a new collection of premium ad formats

08-04-2024 | 07:14:00
With the capability to fill any screen from edge to edge, it provides a seamless viewing experience across all device types.

Skai Introduces omnichannel platform for unified performance advertising

08-04-2024 | 07:05:00
Skai, a technology company in the performance advertising industry, has announced the market launch of its omnichannel platform.

Aarki unveils AI-powered mobile marketing platform

04-04-2024 | 09:44:47
Aarki, an AI company that delivers mobile advertising solutions that drives revenue growth, has launched its all-new AI platform, positioning itself to become an innovative, privacy-centric bidding platform for mobile marketers.

Microsoft Advertising announces ClickTech as EMEA channel partner of the year

02-04-2024 | 10:20:00
Managing over 150,000 advertising accounts and overseeing an annual spend of over $1.2 billion through their flagship online marketing platform, Adzooma, ClickTech continues to grow as an industry leader in the AdTech sector.

Amazon plans ad-supported tier on Prime Video

02-04-2024 | 10:07:00
The move comes as the company looks to expand its ad business and generate more revenue from entertainment, according to people familiar with the situation.

[Column] Vivian Kowalski: Gen Z continues to shake up the marketing world

28-03-2024 | 12:32:00
For decades, marketers have been fixated on the concept of the traditional marketing funnel, believing that consumer behavior follows a linear path.

World Federation of Advertisers names leadership team for new AI Community

28-03-2024 | 07:12:00
The ambition is to support brands as they seek to make the most of the exciting possibilities of generative AI, enabling them to deliver creativity and marketing effectiveness, while mitigating legal, ethical and reputational risks.

IAB unveils guidelines on gaming advertising

28-03-2024 | 07:05:00
Interactive Advertising Bureau, IAB, has released guidelines and best practices for games advertising to further enable advertisers to tap into the power of this channel.

Adtech company Pubmatic appoints Ken Aihara as Country Manager of Japan

28-03-2024 | 06:55:00
Prior to PubMatic, Aihara was with dentsu for over 30 years, leading multiple teams in the digital and TV businesses.

IAS partners with Snap to offer AI-driven brand safety measurement for advertisers

27-03-2024 | 10:04:41
Aligned to the Global Alliance for Responsible Media (GARM) standards, the new offering will give advertisers the benefit of third-party validation with trusted and transparent industry metrics.

PubMatic appoints Sadia Akhter as Director Ad Solutions in MENA

26-03-2024 | 08:50:16
Akhter takes the helm as the primary commercial leader overseeing our buy-side clients as PubMatic advances its business in the region.

Television New Zealand enhances personalized advertising with AWS Clean Rooms

25-03-2024 | 08:20:00
AWS Clean Rooms is an analytics service that helps companies across industries like advertising, media, and financial services more easily and securely collaborate on and analyze their combined customer datasets—without sharing or copying one another’s underlying data.

TripleLift partners with ID5 to advance advertiser targeting across the open web

25-03-2024 | 08:10:00
Through ID5's solution, TripleLift is now able to onboard advertiser data and target across its publisher footprint.

DataDome unveils solution to combat ad fraud

22-03-2024 | 09:30:50
The  solution is set to transform how organizations manage and secure their online advertising efforts, ensuring that marketing budgets are spent effectively and reach genuine audiences.