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[Column] Michiel Frackers: Ayatollah at the controls crypto market plummets

15-04-2024 | 08:45:00
Originally, I wanted to focus this fiftieth edition mainly on the definitive breakthrough of crypto, which is slightly ironic because after the Iranian attack on Israel, Bitcoin and Ethereum in particular experienced the biggest decline in a year.

Lightspeed Faction launches $285m venture fund to support blockchain startups

21-11-2023 | 14:11:00
Lightspeed Faction, a blockchain-focused venture capital firm, announced the launch of its inaugural $285 million venture fund.

Mudrex launches Saber.Money to offer onramp and offramp services in India

25-10-2023 | 14:48:00
Mudrex, a crypto investment platform headquartered in Bengaluru and San Francisco, backed by Y-Combinator, announced the launch of Saber.Money, to offer onramp and offramp services to B2B clients in India.

Michiel Frackers: Apple and Bitcoin vs Tesla and Ethereum

25-09-2023 | 11:26:00
The best tech investments of the last five years were not Apple or Bitcoin, but Tesla and Ethereum.

Crypto exchange platform Bitvavo partners with DEPT to launch first-ever brand campaign

10-05-2022 | 09:56:21
After a pitch trajectory, DEPT won the business and started developing a new brand positioning and an introduction campaign of epic proportions as Bitvavo’s new lead agency.

[eMarketer] Cryptocurrency is most popular among higher earners

25-03-2022 | 07:42:12
Gender plays a role as well—half of millennial men hold these digital currencies, while only one-fifth of women in that age group do so.

[eMarketer] Google invests in a blockchain unit, looks to partner on crypto

25-01-2022 | 06:46:00
Google is creating a new unit dedicated to “blockchain and other next-gen distributed computing and data storage technologies," according to a leaked email obtained by Bloomberg.

UK government invests in TAG TrustNet’s blockchain initiative to make digital advertising more accountable

14-01-2022 | 07:35:32
The UK Government, through its innovation agency, Innovate UK, has awarded a six-figure grant to TAG TrustNet to turbo-boost their efforts to make the digital advertising market more accountable, responsible and efficient.

[eMarketer] PayPal mulls proprietary stablecoin to help drive platform growth

13-01-2022 | 07:25:00
PayPal confirmed that it's exploring a stablecoin backed by the US dollar after developer Steve Moser discovered code and images referencing “PayPal Coin” inside the PayPal iPhone app, per Bloomberg.

IZEA begins accepting Bitcoin and Ethereum payments for influencer marketing campaigns

12-01-2022 | 06:53:33
IZEA will also begin paying select influencers in cryptocurrency for campaigns where it has received cryptocurrency as payment from marketers.

[eMarketer] Two-thirds of UK consumers now aware of cryptocurrencies

16-12-2021 | 07:47:18
Further trends in the survey data augur continued growth in crypto ownership in the UK, given the high proportion of new investors and high engagement among investors.

[eMarketer] Mastercard launches crypto cards in Asia to tap into demand for digital currencies

11-11-2021 | 15:18:00
The cards will convert digital tokens into fiat currency that can be used anywhere Mastercard is accepted. The initiative is part of Mastercard’s global crypto card program, which seeks to support native digital currencies as payment tools.