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[Column] Michiel Frackers: Jeff Bezos' Amazon investigates Perplexity of ... Jeff Bezos

01-07-2024 | 11:45:00
According to Reuters, Perplexity isn’t the only AI company whose business model is stealing and selling other people’s information, but there’s still reason to ask Perplexity itself what’s going on

[Column] Michiel Frackers: Nvidia stuns investors, but crypto easily beats AI

28-05-2024 | 07:00:00
Many investors thought Nvidia was overvalued last year, with price/earnings ratios above sixty.

[Column] Michiel Frackers: OpenAI opens the attack on Google, forget security?

21-05-2024 | 10:15:00
The most striking thing about GPT-4o is the way it can understand and generate combinations of text, audio and images.

[Column] Michiel Frackers: Apple says sorry and Microsoft concludes record CO2 contract

13-05-2024 | 12:15:00
There is one place where they are happy this weekend with all the publicity around Joost Klein and the Eurovision Song Contest and that is at Apple.

[Column] Michiel Frackers: A gigaton industry: CO2 removal

06-05-2024 | 12:45:00
Decarbonization, the removal of carbon, has become a critical tool in the fight against climate change, but it also shows promise as a means of global economic acceleration.

[Column] Michiel Frackers: Musk and Zuckerberg are switching roles and BlackRock is making a big push in decarbonization

29-04-2024 | 11:25:27
Elon Musk had a fantastic week and Mark Zuckerberg saw two hundred billion in stock market value evaporate, because shareholders have doubts about his billion-dollar investments in AI.

[Column] Michiel Frackers: Sense and nonsense of carbon credits and Bitcoin halving

24-04-2024 | 10:15:00
This week, two seemingly incomparable conferences took place: Singaporean sovereign wealth fund Temasek organized  EcoSperity in Singapore and Token 2049 

[Column] Michiel Frackers: Ayatollah at the controls crypto market plummets

15-04-2024 | 08:45:00
Originally, I wanted to focus this fiftieth edition mainly on the definitive breakthrough of crypto, which is slightly ironic because after the Iranian attack on Israel, Bitcoin and Ethereum in particular experienced the biggest decline in a year.

[Column] Michiel Frackers: Smart tips tricks and hacks for a better life

08-04-2024 | 12:15:00
It's tempting to get caught up in news about the gadgets, tricks and gimmicks that the technology sector showers upon us every day.

[Column] Michiel Frackers Microsoft and OpenAI have the upper hand, will Google and Apple join forces

25-03-2024 | 14:00:00
Microsoft embeds and attracts a lot of top talent for its AI-strategy; do Apple and Google answer by bundling Gemini into iPhone?

[Column] Michiel Frackers: Harari: For the first time, no one knows what the world will look like in 20 years

18-03-2024 | 12:48:00
Yuval Noah Harari was a guest on Stephen Colbert’s late night talkshow, leading to an unexpectedly relevant conversation for that time of the day on network television.

[Column] Michiel Frackers: Nvidia the world's most valuable company And Ethereum is following Bitcoin

11-03-2024 | 10:28:00
In a half-baked attempt at self-analysis, I looked up what I have written about Apple, Microsoft and Nvidia since I started this newsletter a year ago. 

[Column] Michiel Frackers: Nvidia passes Google and Amazon, in a week full of AI blunders

26-02-2024 | 08:53:00
In the week that AI's flagship company, Nvidia, announced a tripling of revenue and within days became more valuable than Amazon and Google, AI's shortcomings also became more visible than ever.

[Column] Michiel Frackers: Investing in AI: thoughtful investment or blind gamble?

20-02-2024 | 12:06:48
Developments in AI are happening at an unprecedented pace. This week saw some extraordinary new products introduced, with this "text to video" service Sora from OpenAI being particularly impressive.

[Column] Michiel Frackers: January was a jubilant month — in the tech world, that is

29-01-2024 | 12:00:00
January was one big celebration month in the tech world. No dry January, the new year kicked off as a month-long party.

[Column] Michiel Frackers: Google in total panic by OpenAI, fakes AI demo

12-12-2023 | 13:36:00
At last, Google's response to ChatGPT's OpenAI appeared this week, highlighted by a video of Gemini, the intended OpenAI killer. The response was moderately positive; until Friday, when it was revealed that Google had manipulated some crucial segments of the introductory video.

[Column] Michiel Frackers: OpenAI gives Google, Amazon and Apple a hard time and Elon Musk had a tough month

04-12-2023 | 06:02:00
Over a hundred million people use an OpenAI service each month, and annualized revenue is over $1.3 billion, a first step toward possible market dominance.

[Column] Michiel Frackers: Five conclusions after the chaos at OpenAI

27-11-2023 | 06:05:00
A few days after the royal drama at OpenAI, let's try to look past the ruins of this company whose brains, Chief Scientist Ilya Sutskever , have said it could herald the downfall of the world. 

[Column] Michiel Frackers: Sam Altman back as CEO of Open AI after one day - or not?

19-11-2023 | 12:01:00
That went quickly. The Verge just reported "The OpenAI board is in discussions with Sam Altman to return to the company as its CEO, according to multiple people familiar with the matter. One of them said Altman, who was suddenly fired by the board on Friday with no notice, is “ambivalent” about coming back and would want significant governance changes

Michiel Frackers: Build your own ChatGPT, an ex-Apple couple builds an AI pin and Ethereum breaks through $2,000

14-11-2023 | 13:42:00
It is amazing to see all that is happening in technology in one week, especially within AI and crypto.

Michiel Frackers: Elon Musk launches Grok, the first product from his new company xAI

07-11-2023 | 14:50:00
Imagine you have an extremely successful startup in 2023, like Sam Altman of OpenAI, and develop products like ChatGPT that many people around the world are excited about.