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[eMarketer] Snap doubles down on direct response to weather tough ad market

22-02-2023 | 10:23:40
Snap is coming off a tough Q4, and its business outlook is still grim. The company repeatedly mentioned the difficult economic environment, challenges from Apple’s privacy-related changes, and increased competition.

[eMarketer] Retailers see promise in Chat-GPT and generative AI

17-02-2023 | 11:22:38
Retailers are looking for ways to implement generative AI in their organizations.

[eMarketer] What were the most downloaded social media apps in 2022?

15-02-2023 | 17:28:00
Meta gained a strong hold over the US social media app rankings last year, with Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger, and Facebook all boasting the highest numbers of downloads.

[eMarketer] How user behavior is changing on social media and digital video in the UK

15-02-2023 | 17:22:24
While overall social network user numbers are rising slowly in the UK, there’s much greater movement in terms of the platforms being used.

[eMarketer] Driven by ChatGPT, Microsoft and Google debut the next generation of search

09-02-2023 | 12:47:38
Google entered the chatbot market on Monday with the unveiling of Bard, a clear response to ChatGPT which will launch in the near future and allow users to search via a conversational interface.

[eMarketer] Google aims to beat OpenAI with chat and search bot features

02-02-2023 | 14:12:55
There’s no release date for these products, and a Google spokesperson said that the company wants to ensure that the tech is helpful and safe before sharing externally.

[eMarketer] Shopify adjusts strategy ahead of Buy with Prime launch

01-02-2023 | 13:16:36
Shopify has made a number of moves aimed at shoring up revenues as ecommerce growth slows from its pandemic heights.

[eMarketer] TikTok's playbook of short-form video and creators friendliness is going beyond social

31-01-2023 | 17:14:17
The habit of buying products on Amazon makes its dominance hard to shake, but discovery is key to capturing Gen Z shoppers and users.

[eMarketer] Shutterstock debuts new generative AI capabilities for creative marketing

27-01-2023 | 10:32:07
Shutterstock is positioning itself as an “ethical” partner in contrast with rival Getty Images.

[eMarketer] Retail media proves its value amid ad spending slowdown

20-01-2023 | 14:40:35
Retail media was the fastest-growing digital ad channel worldwide in Q3 2022, with retail media spend increasing 45% versus a year ago.

[eMarketer] Advertisers are adopting AI, but legal issues make creative uses risky

19-01-2023 | 14:56:35
Artificial intelligence rapidly became one of the most-watched sectors in media and technology, but it has run into major roadblocks in the way of its ambitions for widespread adoption.

[eMarketer] 30 per cent of advertisers are cutting their 2023 budgets

17-01-2023 | 13:20:19
Nearly 30% of major advertisers say they’re cutting their ad budgets into next year, according to a World Federation of Advertisers (WFA) survey of 43 multinational companies.

[eMarketer] TikTok will drive social commerce growth in 2023

10-01-2023 | 09:36:00
Social commerce sales grew 34.4% this year to $53.10 billion, according to eMarketer forecast, as more people shop on social media and existing buyers spend more.

[eMarketer] Amazon’s cost-cutting measures continue

06-01-2023 | 15:20:00
The majority of the cuts will be directed at the company’s retail and recruiting divisions, CEO Andy Jassy said in a letter to employees.

[eMarketer] 5 must-see digital ad marketing charts for 2023

05-01-2023 | 14:32:56
While the overall market slows, not all categories will take the same hit. Social media is definitely in trouble, but connected TV (CTV) and retail media are in good shape.

[eMarketer] How Gen Z consumes media

22-12-2022 | 14:36:50
Instead, Gen Zers’ TV time is headed to social media—which includes digital video—where they spend the bulk of their time with media.

[eMarketer] Can delivery apps help retailers take on Amazon?

21-12-2022 | 12:42:58
DoorDash, Uber, and Shipt have partnered with hundreds of retailers to offer same-day delivery.

[eMarketer] Meta’s business model is under threat at home and abroad

08-12-2022 | 14:42:39
This isn’t the first time Meta pulled out the “ban-all-news” threat in response to legislation giving publishers negotiating power.

[eMarketer] Over half of marketers expect a decline in programmatic ad spending in 2023

07-12-2022 | 14:20:04
Only one in three marketers indicate they intend to increase programmatic spending next year.

[eMarketer] How TikTok could help boost social commerce in the UK

06-12-2022 | 11:28:31
The UK is a nation of digital buyers. But their appetite for shopping online hasn’t yet extended to social media

[eMarketer] Twitter squares off against Apple

01-12-2022 | 15:02:58
The speculation is that Musk wants to transition Twitter away from its ad-supported revenue model into a subscription-based service.