Marketing Report


Xandr and IMPACT+ bring greenhouse gas measurements to programmatic advertising

14-10-2022 | 14:45:17
Thanks to the integration of IMPACT+’s API into the Xandr platform, Invest DSP buyers will be able to evaluate the electricity consumption and the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions of their campaigns by only having to activate the service in the Data Marketplace.

Cross Screen Media expands deal with Xandr to include cross-screen measurement for political advertisers

03-10-2022 | 14:15:00
Cross Screen Media, a tech firm specializing in optimized local TV and CTV ad planning and measurement, has announced an expanded collaboration with Xandr, a technology platform that powers a global marketplace for premium advertising, to enable targeted campaign measurement and insights.

Xandr and emetriq power MagentaTV audience targeting in Connected TV

29-07-2022 | 08:29:09
Xandr and emetriq, a German data provider and subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom, have partnered to make real audience targeting across publishers in Connected TV, CTV, possible for the first time.

Australia’s SBS adopts Xandr’s video header bidding solution

09-06-2022 | 10:03:10
 Xandr has announced that Special Broadcasting Service (SBS), Australia’s most diverse broadcaster, has expanded the use of its sell side platform Monetize SSP to include Prebid Server Premium.

Xandr launches Inventory Library, Deal Discovery and Activation Platform for Invest DSP

13-04-2022 | 10:01:00
 Xandr has announced the launch of Inventory Library on its Invest DSP. Inventory Library offers an innovative deal discovery and activation workflow with intuitive, visual navigation and unmatched searchability.

605 to deliver advanced audiences in collaboration with Xandr

24-03-2022 | 07:29:15
As the industry shifts away from traditional guarantees based on age and gender demographic ratings, Advanced Audiences will allow advertisers to define television audiences with greater precision using first- or third-party data.

Xandr partners with LiveIntent to bring new data and identity offerings to the market

17-03-2022 | 07:06:36
Xandr and LiveIntent have announced that the companies are extending their relationship by bringing new data and identity offerings to market.

Baidu Global’s AI-Integrated Marketing Platform MediaGo to include new offerings powered by Xandr

10-03-2022 | 07:47:32
Baidu Global has announced that its AI-integrated marketing platform MediaGo has entered into a strategic collaboration with Xandr, a data-enabled technology ad platform. 

Xandr and Scibids partner to offer customizable, independent AI to paid digital media buyers

09-03-2022 | 07:52:05
The result is a frictionless experience for buyers who are able to activate Scibids’ customizable, privacy-centric, and highly performant ad decisioning.

Xandr  appoints Eduardo Carbia as new MD for Spanish speaking countries in Latin America

15-02-2022 | 16:51:16
Carbia  will be responsible for building and directing business relationships with senior executives in the company’s client portfolio, as well as leading Xandr’s positioning strategy in the region.

AT&T gives nod to the sale of Xandr to Microsoft

23-12-2021 | 07:46:45
The agreement builds on a decade-long relationship between Xandr, including its predecessor companies, and Microsoft for delivering global digital media solutions for advertisers.

[Marketing Report] Bob Koigi: Stepping up the war on extremist content, fake news

07-12-2021 | 12:45:00
As the world continues to deal with the proliferation of disinformation, misinformation channels, extremism and fake news, brands and the media are stepping up the resolve to tackle what has had an adverse impact on their operations and reputation.

Xandr standardizes video content on its platform

02-12-2021 | 16:46:56
Xandr, AT&T’s advanced advertising company, has announced the release of a new feature on its platform, described as content metadata for video.

[Column] Karan Singh: Maximise your engagement and battle to the top this Black Friday

25-11-2021 | 16:54:00
The Black Friday phenomenon is set to continue growing in 2021 with average budgets for consumers in the Netherlands expected to rise by 8% from last year according to research from Simon-Kuch & Partners.