Marketing Report


The National Railway Company of Belgium picks iO as innovation partner and service design expert

05-06-2024 | 08:51:24
In this role, iO will assist the company in further developing and rolling out possible innovation projects through service design and AI processes. ​

Blended agency iO and Amnesty International Vlaanderen launch TV campaign on families reunions after unlawful incarceration

15-05-2024 | 09:46:11
With ‘the power of the people’, Amnesty International Vlaanderen and iO decided on a positive message – one of hope.

Blended agency iO assists Belgian national food safety organization develop portal to improve service delivery

09-04-2024 | 11:11:52
This initiative aims to allow all government organizations and agencies to inform citizens and relevant partners through an online, transparent, and accessible portal. 

Supermarket chain Lidl Belux selects blended agency iO to manage its digital marketing and campaigning

19-03-2024 | 09:51:00
Lidl can rely on the expertise in digital strategy, innovation, and marketing that iO has gained working with their previous clients in retail.

European auto parts distributor Doyen Auto taps blended agency iO to optimize its online presence

15-03-2024 | 08:04:49
The brand's corporate platform will be the first to launch in April 2024. It will offer a personalized user experience to potential customers, clients, journalists, and job seekers. 

iO appoints Martine Lemans as Managing Director of Consultancy Division in the Netherlands

12-03-2024 | 09:40:05
In iO, Consultancy Netherlands provides valuable advice and know-how and places over 100 experienced consultants at companies such as KLM, Rabobank, ING, Jumbo, Miele, Vodafone, KPN, and Stedin.

Over half of Dutch and Belgian banking and retail companies are not optimizing local SEO, iO study

23-02-2024 | 08:49:01
In 2020, blended agency iO investigated how retail chains in the Netherlands improved their regional online visibility through Local Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

The Dutch Meteorological Institute extends digital partnership with blended agency iO

21-02-2024 | 08:59:34
The blended agency optimises the organisation’s website and customer portals, crucial for port companies, water boards, safety regions, and aviation organizations .

[Column] Rodger Werkhoven: Faking racist and biased AI images to address societal issues is wrong too, LIS

07-08-2023 | 14:44:00
The London Interdisciplinary School (LIS) is undoubtedly a well-intentioned initiative, aiming to tackle humanity's complex and interconnected challenges through a fresh, interdisciplinary approach. However, the road to resolving these issues should be paved with truth, responsibility, and a clear understanding of the technologies involved. In their recent video post about AI-generated images and perceived biases, LIS appears to have either misunderstood or misrepresented the capabilities and intentions behind today’s iterations of these AI tools. The assertions made are not just false, but they threaten to hinder progress and unfairly stigmatise AI developers