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Social media advertising platform Tiger Pistol expands advertiser ecosystem to include TikTok news

Social media advertising platform Tiger Pistol expands advertiser ecosystem to include TikTok

Surveys among marketers planning their 2024 budgets underscore the significance of short-form video. A recent Kantar study reveals that three out of every four marketers intend to boost their online video budget.

Furthermore, MarketSplash found that a significant majority of marketers (85 percent) firmly support short-form, vertical videos as the preferred content format for their campaigns.

In response to advertisers' demand for scalable vertical video social ads, Tiger Pistol, the local social media advertising platform, has made a significant product expansion by integrating TikTok, a trailblazer in short-form video content, into its advertiser ecosystem.

Paul Elliott, CEO, Tiger Pistol: "Video has become the preferred language of social media, but the path to video advertising success is not without its hurdles, especially for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), and businesses with multiple locations. Challenges like cost, resources, creative, and technology often stand in the way. Tiger Pistol's expansion to TikTok aims to bridge this gap and demonstrates our commitment to democratizing video advertising for franchisees, agents, and marketing resellers."

With Tiger Pistol's user-friendly platform and TikTok's extensive reach, brands, marketing resellers, and agencies can now unlock an additional outlet for vertical video advertising, driving engagement, and brand loyalty like never before. This advertiser expansion enhances Tiger Pistol's existing social advertising capabilities that include short-form video for Meta's Reels.

Elliott: "TikTok has experienced explosive growth that shows no signs of slowing. Our clients asked if we could provide the same ease of scaled social advertising execution on TikTok as we've done for more than 10 years on Facebook and Instagram. Adding TikTok to our advertising ecosystem enables brands to connect with consumers and drive sales through local social media advertising across the largest social media publishers in the world."