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Instacart brings in-class advertising to merchants with new Shopify app

Instacart brings in-class advertising to merchants with new Shopify app

Instacart, the grocery technology company in North America, has launched a new Instacart for Shopify app, enabling emerging consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands on Shopify to access Instacart Ads. For the first time, Shopify merchants can easily connect to Instacart Ads products, tools, insights, and automation.

Instacart partners with more than 1,400 retail banners across North America, which means that without taking any action, many CPG brands on Shopify are likely already driving sales through the Instacart Marketplace. Now, for the first time ever, these Shopify merchants can use the Instacart for Shopify app to advertise their products via Instacart Ads.

The new Instacart for Shopify app helps merchants better understand their businesses by providing visibility into their Instacart sales data directly in Shopify, where they're already managing the rest of their business. This visibility enables merchants to take action to grow their reach and results with Instacart consumers.

The Instacart for Shopify app allows merchants to track their overall sales on Instacart, easily create an Instacart Ads Manager account, and see high-level ads performance metrics. This integration underscores Instacart's goal to help give emerging brands the tools and insights they need to grow and connect with consumers at the point of purchase.

Ali Miller, Vice President of Product Management, Instacart: "With our extensive catalog across more than 80,000 retail partner stores in North America, we believe Instacart has one of the best platforms to help emerging brands grow. Combining our scale with Shopify's merchant network creates a really powerful discovery tool for brands looking to understand their impact across different channels. With the Instacart for Shopify app, brands can learn about the sales they're already driving on Instacart, and immediately take action by setting up Instacart Ads to supercharge discovery and sales."

Antonio Silva, Director of Partnerships, Shopify: "At Shopify, we are committed to forging partnerships that empower our merchants and keep them on the cutting edge. Wherever there is an opportunity to connect merchants and buyers together, Shopify is there first. By offering access to efficient and effective advertising solutions through Instacart's integration with Shopify, our merchants gain valuable insights about sales data, advertising opportunities and performance across Instacart's marketplace directly within their Shopify dashboard."

Once a merchant installs the Instacart app within Shopify, they can set up a free Instacart Ads Manager account, saving time on standard onboarding with capabilities like automatic product identification.

Instacart sales data and advertising campaign metrics are then shown directly in the Instacart for Shopify app, so merchants can measure their brand's performance across multiple channels, all in one place. And within Ads Manager, they can leverage best-in-class digital marketing tools to grow their brand, including proven ad formats like Instacart's sponsored product ads, which give CPG brands premium digital shelf space across the Instacart Marketplace.

Today's announcement builds on Instacart's commitment to help emerging brands drive omnichannel growth. Last year, Instacart streamlined Ads Manager's design so that brands can simply choose an objective to get tailored, optimized recommendations for the ad formats, certain targeting, and bidding options to reach their business goals.

The company also recently expanded measurement capabilities, including sales lift testing and A/B testing to help brands understand the true impact of their Instacart Ads campaigns. On average, Instacart's brand partners see more than a 15% incremental sales lift – and in some cases twice that.