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[eMarketer] How retail can drive adoption of augmented reality

[eMarketer] How retail can drive adoption of augmented reality

Retailers have long had an eye on augmented reality (AR), but it still has unrealized potential for shopping purposes.

Only 3% of US adults used AR regularly while shopping, although another 10% used it occasionally, according to a February 2022 Insider Intelligence survey conducted by Bizrate Insights. An additional 39% of respondents were interested in using it, with the most use and interest among 18- to 34-year-olds.

According to eMarketer, retailers might finally have the tools to take advantage of the untapped interest in AR shopping. The pandemic-induced surge in ecommerce forced retailers to accelerate investments in AR shopping tools and tool users.

Social commerce’s growth may also make AR shopping more accessible.

Snapchat had 200 million people per day engage with its AR tools in Q3 2021. It now has AR Lenses for trying on items. And in the 2021 holiday season, it created an AR marketplace in its Lens Carousel.

Pinterest has its own AR shopping tools, including ones for home decor and beauty brands.

Meta and TikTok are less advanced in AR shopping, but Facebook and Instagram have some try-on experiences in their Shops and ads.

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