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PRCA launches ethics month

PRCA launches ethics month

The Public Relations and Communications Association will mark this Ethics Month with a series of regional and global events, including its flagship International Summit on 14th September, to stir world-wide conversation on authenticity.

The first major PRCA ethics event will take place on 12thSeptember, 12:30pm BST, with the Dublin Conversations Cofounders Andy Green FRSA and Padraig McKeon for a 30-minute focussed chat on fake purpose/purposewash. The Zoom event is free and practitioners can expect a conversation that pushes beyond convention and delves into issues such as Dark Sludge and Dark Nudge. Book your free ticket here.

The conversation on ethics and authenticity in PR and communications will continue on 14th September at the Equity and Inclusion Advisory Council’s ‘Change for Good’ Conference in London and the prestigious International Summit.

Later in the month, the PRCA will host a live and free online global leaders’ panel on the opportunities and challenges that AI presents to recruitment and advancing the DEI agenda in the PR industry. Details will be confirmed later this week – stay tuned.

The PRCA will also publish regional perspectives on the month’s thematic focus and post weekly provocative Twitter polls to challenge practitioners on pressing ethical issues.

PRCA members and other public relations practitioners can follow the conversation – and have their say – on what authenticity means to them by using #PRethics across social media.

Renna Markson, Managing Director, PRCA: “Authenticity is what every business, celebrity and leader strive for but what does it actually mean to be authentic? Being authentic can look and feel so different depending on who you ask. Geographical, cultural and historical factors matter, and the ability of any organisation to pursue authenticity can be determined by its internal health. So, this Ethics Month, we’re calling on the global PRCA membership to have their say in a safe open forum on how authenticity looks and plays out in their world.”