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Galorath selects Walt & Company as public relations agency of record

Galorath selects Walt & Company as public relations agency of record

Walt & Company, an award-winning Silicon Valley tech public relations and social media agency, has announced it has been named PR agency of record by Galorath, the premier provider of cost, scheduling, and should-cost estimation solutions and consulting services.

 Leveraging four decades of experience and success, Galorath empowers organizations with the tools and talent needed to optimize project results and drive cost-effectiveness.

Galorath's flagship platform, SEER®, offers unparalleled capabilities in project cost forecasting, risk mitigation, and actionable insights, making it the go-to platform for project cost planning for hardware and software development, systems engineering, aerospace, and manufacturing companies.

Leveraging its sophisticated modeling technology and thousands of project-applicable datasets, SEER by Galorath has proven to accurately replicate real-world project outcomes faster and with greater accuracy than competitive offerings, dramatically increasing speed-to-market and reducing project costs by more than 40%.

Charles Orlando, chief marketing officer, Galorath: "In business and government today, accurately projecting and managing the cost of digital transformation at every level of the organization is essential. Galorath has allowed thousands of projects around the world to be successfully delivered as planned. As project complexity increases, we want to ensure the value and benefit of Galorath solutions are understood by everyone from cost engineering specialists on up to the C-suite. We added Walt & Company to the Galorath team based on its strategic, creative and technical public relations capabilities and experience."

Walt & Company has experience positioning and promoting a wide range of technology-based products and services designed to help wide-ranging organizations increase productivity, streamline operations and add new capabilities. It will operate as an extension of the Galorath marketing team, developing and implementing strategic communications to drive Galorath brand recognition, manage new service offering launches and ongoing company news announcements, and drive thought leadership and customer success initiatives.

Robert Walt, president, Walt & Company: "We are excited to be working with Galorath in its mission to help organizations manage change in today's evolving market landscape – from trade policy shifts and workforce scarcity to energy transition and changing supplier ecosystems. We're looking forward to developing and implementing a brand awareness and market share building program that will help Galorath grow and add value."