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Yunity launches IMAGINE to revolutionize AI and deep tech startups

Yunity launches IMAGINE to revolutionize AI and deep tech startups

Yunity, a highly scalable capital, startup labs, and advisory ecosystem, has launched IMAGINE, an ecosystem supporting impact-driven startups with the resources to build better companies. Through a joint venture with SingularityNET, a decentralized marketplace for AI algorithms, IMAGINE will invest $1 billion in beneficial AI and deep tech startups.

Ani Chahal Honan, Founder and Managing Partner, Yunity and IMAGINE: ''AI and deep tech are evolving at breakneck speed. If these powerful technologies are to help humanity, shouldn’t humanity be more involved? With IMAGINE, we’re not just keeping pace – we’re raising the bar for how companies are supported. By fostering a human-centered ecosystem, we’re ensuring these technologies serve society’s best interests.''

IMAGINE is set to transform the startup landscape, earmarking over $1.25 billion in investments and $200 million to grow a global network of startup studios. Additionally, up to 10% of profits will support aligned 501(c)(3) organizations. Its mission centers on incentivized collaboration, focusing on the societal, environmental, and mental well-being of startup teams, with pioneers of AI, deep tech, industry and personal development serving as collaborators and mentors. IMAGINE offers startup founders and investors an empowering platform for innovation to drive positive impact regionally and globally.

Ben Goertzel, Founder, SingularityNET: ''As we navigate the complexities of advancing AI technologies, it is imperative for humanity to direct these developments toward beneficial outcomes. Our partnership with Yunity in investing $1 billion in these companies is rooted in our shared commitment to harness AI’s potential responsibly. By integrating diverse perspectives and ethical frameworks into AI’s evolution, we aim to ensure it augments human capacities and improves life globally.''