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Women's health medtech startup Biorithm secures $3.5m Series A funding to advance maternal care worldwide

Women's health medtech startup Biorithm secures $3.5m Series A funding to advance maternal care worldwide

Biorithm, a global women's health medtech, has closed $3.5 million in Series A funding, co-led by Adaptive Capital Partners and SEEDS Capital. With a homegrown spirit and a global vision, Biorithm is dedicated to developing cutting-edge solutions for personalized connected maternity care. The funding will fuel Biorithm's expansion in Southeast Asia and the United States. It also will assist the company in advancing Femom, a comprehensive obstetric remote monitoring solution, and completing clinical studies to support a 510(K) premarket submission to the US Food and Drug Administration. 

Complications from childbirth result in mortality for 800 women every day. Biorithm is committed to ending preventable pregnancy complications by pioneering new standards of care through protocol-based remote monitoring of maternal and fetal biometrics. Biorithm's Femom is patient-friendly technology that facilitates patient monitoring, accessible personalized guidance, and seamless integration of predictive analytics that help clinicians to identify early signs of complication.

Amrish Nair, Founder and CEO, Biorithm: "We are truly heartened to have the support of our new and existing investors. We feel a deep commitment to improving the health of expectant mothers and putting an end to preventable complications. There is a collapse of maternal care driven by socio-economic factors and limitation of current monitoring technologies in many regions across the world, and we are hard at work to solve this problem in partnership with others. The investment we have received is a testament to our mission at Biorithm, and a future where every expectant mother has access to healthcare that is not only proactive but profoundly connected to her unique journey.''

Having successfully completed clinical trials with healthcare institutions in Singapore and the United Kingdom, Biorithm will be expanding its clinical trial footprint to more priority markets. Biorithm is also channeling its incoming funding into further research that demonstrates how remote care can be most effectively deployed. In its aim to strengthen the overall women's health ecosystem, Biorithm will chart out and foster key partnerships with various stakeholders globally to improve maternal and baby health through data, personalized and accessible care.

Shi Ying, Founder and Managing Partner, Adaptive Capital Partners: "Building a system of connected medical care is crucial to help clinicians predict, diagnose, and formulate calculated decisions on early intervention to prevent complications and devise treatments. We are excited with our investment into Biorithm as the company is focused on creating measurable and actionable value in maternal health, integrating this system across all touchpoints to ensure safety throughout the pregnancy journey."

Tan Kaixin, General Manager, SEEDS Capital: "By leveraging technology to enable remote monitoring, Biorithm's offering provides enhanced access to quality care for expectant mothers. We are excited to continue backing Biorithm as they accelerate their commercialization in the US and support their vision of revolutionizing the global maternal health market. Investments in MedTech startups like Biorithm will propel the healthcare ecosystem to new heights."