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Vouch and Carta announce embedded partnership to enhance risk management for startups

Vouch and Carta announce embedded partnership to enhance risk management for startups

Carta, the provider of equity management solutions and Vouch, the business insurance provider for startups, have announced a strategic embedded partnership. This integration within the Carta Platform will enhance the experience for its 40,000 startup clients by streamlining the insurance buying process and providing tailored risk monitoring and coverage solutions.

Reed McBride, VP of Strategic Partnerships and Ecosystem, Carta: "In today's competitive startup landscape where capital efficiency is paramount, startups need to manage risk effectively, and insurance is a major part of that equation. Carta chose to partner with Vouch because we share the same goal: ensuring that great startups don't fail for the wrong reasons."

Sam Hodges, CEO, Vouch: "In particular, having the right D&O insurance is pivotal for protecting both company and personal assets. Vouch's coverage is designed specifically for the needs of venture-backed founders and board members, with unique protections for risks like investor infighting and IP disputes. With increased insight from Carta, we can make even better recommendations so that startups and their founders are protected at every growth stage."

With this embedded integration, Carta clients will now benefit from a more automated insurance application process. By integrating with Carta's cap table, users can pre-fill parts of their insurance application, ensuring accuracy and saving valuable time. This partnership also provides cost-saving opportunities for Carta's extensive client base. Through the embedded offering, Vouch will soon introduce real-time risk and coverage monitoring solutions to Carta clients and access to tailored insurance packages and exclusive discounts.

The partnership is powered by the integration of two technology platforms: Carta API and Vouch Embedded Insurance. The Carta API, utilized by companies such as Stripe, Rippling, Deel, and Cooley, is a secure data service that enables partners to enhance insights and workflows for Carta users. Vouch Embedded Insurance enables clients to purchase and manage insurance at the point of need, like within the Carta platform. Together, Vouch and Carta are dedicated to strengthening the startup ecosystem by securely connecting essential tools and fostering operational best practices.

Rajat Kongovi, Chief Product Officer, Vouch: "This is just the beginning," he stated. "At Vouch, we've developed the industry's fastest and most flexible insurance platform, and its true potential is only unlocked with real-time data on company and industry risks. Together with Carta, we can transform the insurance experience for the entire Carta ecosystem - from founders to board members to investors—providing exclusive access to innovative coverages with unparalleled ease of management and unmatched value."