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TripleLift partners with ID5 to advance advertiser targeting across the open web

TripleLift partners with ID5 to advance advertiser targeting across the open web

TripleLift, the ad tech platform elevating digital advertising across every screen and ID5, the market- identity provider for digital advertising, has announced a partnership that further expands advertisers' capability to effectively target using their own first-party data in combination with TripleLift Audience's publisher first-party data across the open web.

Through ID5's solution, TripleLift is now able to onboard advertiser data and target across its publisher footprint. This allows brands and agencies to leverage their own first-party data to not only target, but also create lookalike models off of that data. This means that those brands and agencies can scale their data across all environments without the use of cookies or IDs.

Airey Baringer, VP of Product Management, TripleLift: "Advertisers have long relied on retargeting to find prospects and drive performance. With third-party cookie deprecation on Google's Chrome browser starting this month, a new approach is needed. Through our new TripleLift Audiences expansion capability with ID5, we are offering a solution for retargeting use cases that take advantage of ID5 identifiers when they're available, and extending into lookalike audiences when ID5 identifiers aren't available."

The data onboarding, ID matching, and lookalike capabilities realized from this partnership will be available later this quarter and help improve advertiser data scalability across all environments.

As a leader in identity solutions, ID5 enables advertisers to find their target audiences at scale through TripleLift Audiences across TripleLift publishers. While facilitating extensive reach, ID5's data protection technology, built to comply with the GDPR, one of the world's strictest regulations, ensures that people's privacy preferences are respected.

Mathieu Roche, CEO and Co-Founder, ID5: "ID5 is committed to providing publishers and advertisers with scalable addressability technology that makes advertising effective and relevant for consumers. We are excited to collaborate with a like-minded partner like TripleLift and join forces to offer clients new ways to leverage their first-party data to reach their target audiences across the entire open web".

TripleLift Audiences, which launched in 2023, delivers scalable, audience-targeted advertising in all browsers, for all web ad formats, and as a complement to ID solutions with more than 1,300 off-the-shelf segments and additional customizable options. The company is committed to growing this offering, and in December, they announced a partnership with LiveRamp to combine first-party publisher and advertiser data to create lookalikes and expand audiences across environments.

 TripleLift also conducted its first large-scale test of TripleLift Audiences in September of last year, showing an average of 33% improved CPCs for advertisers and 25% more efficient CPMs for publishers.

With this new partnership with ID5, marketers who use TripleLift Audiences can now seamlessly onboard and activate their data via ID5's platform, offering ease of use and expanded capabilities.