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T-Mobile Netherlands deploys Lifemote for home network assurance

T-Mobile Netherlands deploys Lifemote for home network assurance

Lifemote, the provider of cloud-based AI-driven WiFi Analytics, and T-Mobile Netherlands, the Internet Service Provider (ISP) in the Netherlands, announced the rollout of Lifemote's home analytics software across the T-Mobile Netherlands installed base.

Focusing on making sure every T-Mobile Netherlands subscriber can enjoy the capacity of their Internet connection on all of their home devices, Lifemote technology will enable the T-Mobile support center and network engineering organizations to gain actionable insights into any individual or population level bottlenecks hindering subscriber Quality of Experience. Working with expert Lifemote field teams these organizations will thus be able to adopt both reactive and proactive care best practices to improve key metrics such as repeat complaints, total inbound complaints, average call handling time, and truck rolls.

Eren Soyak, Co-founder and CEO, Lifemote: ''All of us at Lifemote are incredibly excited about our recent launch with T-Mobile Netherlands. It is a true pleasure to work with such a strong team of deep experts all enthusiastic about delivering world-class results. After careful deliberations with the T-Mobile team about goals and designs, the actual launch itself went so smoothly that it left everyone with broad smiles and great stories, and we've already started to see impressive results. The entire team is looking forward to years of fruitful and enjoyable collaboration.''

Alongside expert technical teams using Lifemote interfaces directly to gain home and population level insights, Lifemote APIs are being fully integrated into T-Mobile platforms for customer support, device management, and business analytics. The creation of the project was supported by Match-Maker Ventures, the expert on corporate venturing and scaleup-corporate collaboration, who played a critical role in commercially architecting the collaboration.

Luc Schellekens, Quality Specialist, T-Mobile Netherlands: ''Everyday's work can influence the Wi-Fi performance at the customer and that we are not quite able to help with the current tooling.  Lifemote showed us that they are able find, fix and trace the problem properly. We will continue to make qualitative improvements to our current processes while continuing to implement Lifemote for Customer Service.''

Marek Paczkowski, Vice President of Business Development and Sales, Match-Maker Ventures:  ''Match-Maker Ventures is delighted to have initiated and enabled this successful and exciting collaboration between our portfolio scaleup Lifemote and T-Mobile Netherlands. Lifemote's AI-driven Wi-Fi analytics platform will drive a significant impact on customer satisfaction and experience. We are excited to be part of this industry-forming collaboration and we are looking forward to bringing an excellent Wi-Fi experience to an ever-growing number of customers.''