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Startup Chai offers salary of $875K to compete with OpenAI for Generative AI talent startups

Startup Chai offers salary of $875K to compete with OpenAI for Generative AI talent

Chai Research, the Bay Area startup building independent AI chat platforms, is offering salaries exceeding $875K to compete with OpenAI and other deep-tech companies for top talent. According to the company's website, it offers $400K in base salary, and a further $475K in equity.

Amidst the ongoing gold rush in the AI industry, which has seen Chai Research's revenue increase by 10-fold year-on-year, startups in Silicon Valley are finding themselves subject to increasing pressure as wages for AI expertise continue to grow. Chai Research is notable for targeting the very highest caliber of AI researchers – backed by an existing team with proven mettle the company continues to raise the bar, and it is notorious for its secretive and challenging interview process.

Known in the community for their innovative approaches to optimising language models, Chai Research has a reputation they are driven to uphold, even if it means competing with tech giants such as OpenAI, who most recently reported annual revenue surpassing $1 Billion. In such a fast-evolving industry, startups need to take a strategic approach to competing with tech giants – those that have the resources must raise the bar on culture and compensation, whilst scrappier players leverage the thriving open-source community.

As the machine learning industry continues on this upward trajectory, players in the market will need to continue to compete aggressively. Chai Research exemplifies this, demonstrating their commitment to attracting the very best talent in the world.