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Skai Introduces omnichannel platform for unified performance advertising

Skai Introduces omnichannel platform for unified performance advertising

Skai, a technology company in the performance advertising industry, has announced the market launch of its omnichannel platform.

Eliminating the friction of fragmentation and limits to growth, Skai's omnichannel platform creates unique efficiencies of scale and unified program views, increasing agility for marketing teams. Equipped with new, AI-supported capabilities and bundled solutions for both executives and practitioners, organizations can connect advertising to meaningful business impact leveraging unprecedented reach and scale, more intelligent planning, and stronger activation.

Unlocking access to all channels within the platform for a subscription fee, the platform also introduces a SaaS pricing model to the world of variable-cost ad tech.

As digital advertising continues to dominate marketing budgets and solve for signal loss in a challenged macroeconomic environment, brands are increasing investment in performance channels, particularly retail media, paid search, paid social and app stores, due to their effectiveness and measurability. These channels are dominated by publishers referred to as "walled gardens," and marketers are tasked with connecting insights and execution across them in an automated and holistic manner—a laborious and error-prone undertaking.

With the new platform experience, Skai is providing every advertiser access to all of the publishers it supports, across channels, which count major consumer media such as Amazon Ads, Google, Microsoft, Apple Search Ads, Meta, TikTok, Snapchat, Walmart Connect, LinkedIn and many others—an historic move in an industry built on single-channel point solutions.

Recent research shows that more than 73 percent of CMOs have increased the number of channels used to reach customers in the last three years, causing additional complexity in maintaining speed and consistency of experience, and many cite delivering greater ROI from marketing investments and data as a top challenge.

To address this new reality, the Skai platform access will include powerful new capabilities including:

Omnichannel Marketing Orchestration: A unified, holistic view of media performance for the executive accountable to several or all digital channels

Omnichannel Media Planning: Continuous forecasting and budget planning intelligence based on data and insights relevant to your business

Intelligent Creative Management: One-stop-shop asset management and AI-driven analysis for insights on what's working, what to adjust and why

Generative AI Recommendations: ChatGPT-powered recommendations for opportunistic keywords and search terms on Google

Accessible Data Visualization: Curatable views tailored to the individual and multi-functional stakeholder access to marketing data

Additional Integrations and Partnerships: Customizable ecosystem integrations plus off-the-shelf access to new Skai partners and their broader offerings including Amazon Marketing Cloud, Analytic Index and an expanded integration with Profitero for shelf intelligent media

The performance ad tech industry has traditionally offered variable pricing based on a percentage of media spend, a model that historically prohibits program growth, disincentivizes experimentation, and to many marketers, feels like an added tax.

In contrast, and in response to today's uncertain economy where increased value and controllable expenses are top of mind for every brand, the Skai Omnichannel Platform is sold at a flat annual rate, tiered by program scale and specific needs such as custom data needs or transitional managed services. By offering transparent, predictable pricing, Skai intends to eliminate the relentless sales and legal cycles advertisers have resigned themselves to while enabling clients to take fuller advantage of its offerings, harnessing the maximum speed and power of the platform.

Rafael Sosa-Krall, global media director, Microsoft: "As marketers, we have to start thinking more omni. We are looking at broader 'performance roles'—you can still have experts in search and social, but they need to be able to do everything. We need technology that can support this fluidity across the team, facilitate collaboration, and respect consumer privacy while helping us compensate for signal loss."