Marketing Report partners with Intent IQ to launch cookieless advertising solution partners with Intent IQ to launch cookieless advertising solution, the Advertising Success Platform providing programmatic advertising and workflow software to agencies, brands, and media companies, has announced a partnership with Intent IQ, a player in identity resolution, to offer a new Cookieless Audience Extension solution to clients.

The new offering, first announced at IAB's Annual Leadership Meeting, integrates Intent IQ's cookieless universal ID ('IIQ ID') directly into's DSP. The new integration augments's existing suite of cookieless solutions and allows advertisers to maximize reach with audiences that have become increasingly hard to target given the acceleration of cookie deprecation.'s new offering enables advertisers to quickly scale their addressable, contextual, and third-party audiences using cookieless solutions, powered by Intent IQ, to extend targeting capabilities.

As advertisers prepare for the seismic shift in audience-based targeting with Google's deprecation of the cookie for Chrome users,'s new tool will help brands, media companies, and agencies target audiences in a more privacy-centric way.

With the Intent IQ-powered Cookieless Audience Extension, customers can reach relevant audiences across CTV, display, native, and other media formats on Google, Apple, and other cookieless devices and browsers with reduced data and media costs.

IIQ ID makes cookieless users addressable. It is powered by a unique and patented Distributed Identity technology that combines unprecedented scale and deterministic accuracy, both of which are critical to providing unparalleled value to ad sellers and ad buyers. The ID's wide-scale adoption by publishers will provide immediate scale for's Cookieless Audience Extension solution.

Paul Harrison,  CTO and co-founder, "With third-party cookies disappearing by the end of the year, advertisers are seeking alternative solutions that adhere to users' privacy preferences while still reaching the right audiences, at the right time, and delivering on ROI. As the first demand-side platform to bring the Intent IQ-powered Cookieless Audience Extension to market, I look forward to supporting our clients as they adapt to this evolving industry landscape and utilize new and better tools to maximize reach and improve scale without the use of cookies."

The Cookieless Audience Extension allows advertisers to easily reach and retarget audiences in a more privacy-focused way that adheres to industry standards. The product enhancement builds upon's existing tech stack and furthers the company's legacy of building best-in-class products that rely on high-quality unstructured online, offline, and first-party data.

Roy Shkedi, chairman of Intent IQ: "We're excited to partner with to offer this new product enhancement to help agencies, brands, and media companies continue to advance their cookieless targeting capabilities and improve their marketing strategies in a quickly changing industry. Cookieless advertising is the future and by effectively combining our publisher-powered identity technology, data-driven activation tools and's cookieless-by-design architecture, brands can target and retarget cookieless audiences using their 1st-party, 3rd-party, and onboarded data, getting better ROI on their existing campaign than ever before while still adhering to new industry standards." continues to expand its user-matching capabilities, using various identifiers from a growing number of key partnerships and integrations. As the industry evolves and adapts to a post-cookie environment, will continue to introduce and deliver new products, tools, and features that support advertisers looking to reach their target audiences.