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Shoppable unveils checkout API suite enhancing online advertising for agencies and brands

Shoppable unveils checkout API suite enhancing online advertising for agencies and brands

Shoppable has released its Shoppable Checkout API™ to the general public in a full production launch. This turn-key solution is meant to reduce the difficulty, expense, labor, and time commitment for companies transitioning from third-party to first-party data.

Shoppable's ecommerce APIs utilize the proven 3x patented technology of Universal Checkout, a multi-retailer, multi-product, seamless interface shown to increase conversion, decrease cart abandonment, and grow new sales. Over 400 million SKUs are available through Shoppable's API including products from Walmart, Target, and Best Buy. Through the consented collection of consumer demographics and shopping behavior via commerce, more effective targeting and personalization can be obtained, while protecting privacy.

 LJ Northington, Founder & CEO, Aesthetic: "Shoppable's Universal Checkout is in alignment with Aesthetic's goals to increase conversion for brands, improve the customer journey, and revolutionize the way that consumers purchase products online."

Heather Udo, the founder and CEO, Shoppable: "With Shoppable® Checkout API™, marketers and advertising technology platforms replace cookies with the more accurate 1st party data gathered from their own customers. Marketers can track closed-loop campaign data, easily recognize the most profitable segments, and even build lookalike audiences for future marketing campaigns. It's a competitive advantage." 

Matthew Snyder, CEO, ResponsiveAds: "We have been extremely successful with click-to-site shoppable dynamic ads. Using the new Shoppable® Checkout API™, our clients can extend their offerings to enable consumers to buy-in-ad and close-the-loop within a single ad session. Along with our universal Fully-Fluid™ format across display, apps, CTV, and DOOH, the Shoppable® Checkout API™ will enable a full attribution process. The API will extend our unique analytics to, holistically, include all stages from an impression, click, add-to-cart, and checkout event. This, in addition to creating an optimized retail media experience for consumers."

The multi-retailer/multi-product innovation of Shoppable's API has been shown to have a 25% conversion rate improvement (compared to traditional ecommerce) and up to a 700% improvement over affiliate link-off solutions, resulting in a significant increase in sales.