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Reveal Mobile partners with LoopMe for out of home measurement news

Reveal Mobile partners with LoopMe for out of home measurement

Reveal Mobile, the provider of Out-of-Home (OOH) measurement, has announced a partnership with LoopMe for brand lift measurement.

The partnership between Reveal Mobile and LoopMe solidifies a true full-funnel campaign performance solution for OOH, providing the market with measurement solutions for outcomes, from brand lift to sales.

LoopMe’s proprietary AI-led survey technology optimizes media campaigns in-flight, creating a real-time feedback loop to improve advertising performance and outcomes. With the new Reveal partnership, LoopMe expands its industry leading technology to offer best-in-class measurement across OOH, as well as digital and CTV.

Brand lift has long been a staple for traditional brand marketers to evaluate the efficacy of their advertising campaigns. The explosive growth in Out of Home opportunities has brought more brand marketers into the channel and with them their demand for measurement rigor. LoopMe’s solution provides those brand marketers confidence to continue investing more in Out of Home. Reveal is proud to help broaden adoption of LoopMe’s solution.

Anna Bager, President & CEO, OAAA: “As Out of Home grows based on the value it brings brand advertisers, reliable and affordable campaign measurement is critical. New technologies from the application of programmatic to the deployment of experiential creative are enhancing the efficacy of OOH and brands marketers are noticing.”

Lisa Coffey, Global CRO, LoopMe: “This partnership with Reveal is a critical step in measuring the impact of OOH campaigns on foot traffic, in-app, and online activities, and delivering brand lift outcomes across all consumer advertising channels. We are excited to expand our U.S. offering with purpose built solutions for measuring campaign effectiveness in the OOH space.”

Randy Kilgore, CRO, Reveal: “We’re immensely honored to be chosen as LoopMe’s exclusive partner for Brand Lift surveys in the OOH channel. LoopMe is a global organization with leadership in media optimization and analytics. They have the highest standards for themselves and we’re humbled to be chosen.”

The power of Out of Home advertising is borne out in research:

  • 68% of U.S. adults notice OOH ads on their way to the store.
  • 76% of U.S. adults took action on their mobile phone after recently seeing a mobile ad and 43% made a purchase.
  • 61% of adults view OOH ads favorably which is higher than any competitive media.