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Portfolia invests $65m to support women's health companies and solutions

Portfolia invests $65m to support women's health companies and solutions

Portfolia, the investing funds designed for the world's most powerful community of women investors, has invested $65 million into women's health companies and solutions. Portfolia aims to empower women to invest in companies that meet their health needs, rather than settle for a healthcare system that doesn't often consider the female body.

Portfolia is creating, educating, and activating the largest community of women investors around the globe. They are amongst the first to recognize the immense potential of women's wealth, leading their community to invest in breakthrough solutions to the world's most pressing problems, with women's health at the forefront.

To date, Portfolia has made investments in 112 companies with 47 of those women's health companies being femtech and active aging specific. A few of these include Madison Reed, MavenEverly HealthBone HealthVeanaYour Choice, Future Family, WillowHey Jane, Lighthouse PharmaL-NutraJoyLux and others. The total companies they've invested in serve over 102 million customers in 115 countries worldwide. Additionally, these companies have a combined value of over $17 billion, with over $1 billion in revenue and 10,000 employees worldwide. Plus, 69% of these companies are led by female CEOs, and 49% are led by BIPOC individuals.

Trish Costello, Founder and CEO, Portfolia: "At Portfolia, we believe in the power of activating our wealth for returns and impact. Today, women in the United States have unprecedented access to wealth – with over $25 trillion of wealth in the U.S. and almost 50% of it owned by women. This wealth is power – power to create financial change and invest in the companies and businesses that matter to us and meet our needs/desires. Our commitment goes beyond traditional venture capital – we're pioneering change, saving lives, and creating opportunities for all, while creating the most powerful community of women investors globally, and the first to activate our wealth to shape the future of healthcare."

Traditionally underserved and overlooked, women have become the catalysts for transforming the healthcare landscape. Women investors are not a niche demographic; they're already a major force in wealth management, controlling more than a projected $30 trillion. Portfolia empowers these women to support and invest in women-led and women-focused businesses that meet their real needs – from reproductive health to aging and everything in between. They are driving diversity, inclusion, and economic empowerment in the entrepreneurial ecosystem.