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Planters nuts and snacks manufacturer launches “Ahhh, nuts” ad campaign

Planters nuts and snacks manufacturer launches “Ahhh, nuts” ad campaign

The makers of Planters nuts and snacks have announced the launch of its new national ad campaign created to change the denotation on the classic expression "Ah nuts!" from frustration into a positive – "Ahhh, nuts."

The innovative campaign, developed in collaboration with BBDO MW, debuted Jan. 15. It features four, fast-paced, high-energy spots depicting everyday mishaps while fishing; waiting at a cash machine; opening a highly carbonated bottle; and an experience at a vending machine –all followed by the exasperated cry of, "Ah, nuts!" The campaign is built on the premise that Planters® nuts are always a joyful and positive snack.

Patrick Horbas, director of marketing, Planters brand: "These 'Ahhh, nuts' pieces of creative provide moments of levity and positivity in a way that's uniquely Planters® brand. We focused on emotion as well as our crave worthy product in each piece to remind consumers that Planters® nuts can bring joy to any moment."

In addition to television, the campaign will run on radio, as well as select digital and social channels with additional executions to be released over the next several months.