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Outbrain and DoubleVerify partner to enhance Onyx campaigns for brand advertisers

Outbrain and DoubleVerify partner to enhance Onyx campaigns for brand advertisers

 Outbrain, a technology platform for the open web, and DoubleVerify, DV, a software platform for digital media measurement, data and analytics, have announced a strategic partnership to bring DV Marketplace Suite’s comprehensive pre-bid brand suitability, fraud avoidance, and viewability tools to Outbrain’s recently-launched branding platform, Onyx.

Backed by over 15 years of AI-driven prediction technology, Onyx is designed to drive stronger brand impact from in-article video and high-impact display ads by optimizing for user attention.

DV’s product suite combined with Outbrain’s predictive technology is designed to deliver a unique value proposition for enterprise brands looking to drive attention and impact in brand-suitable environments across the open web. Onyx customers can now control and curate high-attention inventory based on DV’s brand safety and suitability data across Outbrain’s premium publisher partners, and Onyx campaigns will be backed by DV’s fraud monitoring and viewability measurement.

Allen Baum, SVP of Platform Sales, DoubleVerify: “We are excited to partner with Outbrain and leverage our decades of expertise in brand suitability, fraud avoidance, and viewability on their promising Onyx platform. Together we will elevate the standards of premium advertising and provide advertisers and publishers with a trusted environment for their campaigns.”

DV Marketplace Suite is designed to empower the Onyx platform to:

Pre-qualify supply, preventing fraudulent impressions from transacting, and offering granular transparency into different types of fraud including app & site fraud, malware, and bot fraud.

Automatically flag and remove unsafe inventory pre-bid by leveraging brand safety standards established by the Global Alliance for Responsible Media (GARM).

Optimize away from poor-performing supply sources without impacting scale.

Reduce post-bid blocking on fraudulent inventory, eliminating the need for customer makegoods or rebates.

Ayal Steiner, EVP of Brand Solutions, Outbrain: “This partnership further demonstrates our commitment to delivering an exceptional advertising experience where advertisers can feel confident their Onyx campaigns only run in brand-suitable environments with verified and certified results by a globally-recognized third-party. Our goal is to simplify the advertiser experience and deliver a seamless, turnkey solution, and this partnership is an important milestone in this direction."