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Nest Health raises $4m funding to make healthcare accessible to vulnerable populations

Nest Health raises $4m funding to make healthcare accessible to vulnerable populations

Nest Health, the first value-based whole-family healthcare provider, announced it has raised over $4 million in an extended seed round. The financing was led by SpringTide with committed support from additional sources including Alumni Ventures, Ochsner Ventures, and others. Nest Health aims to make comprehensive healthcare radically accessible to the most vulnerable populations.

This announcement comes on the heels of a $15M initial Seed Round in March 2023 led by 8VC and the Blue Venture Fund, with support from MVP, Health 2047, and Gaingels. This additional funding will be used to grow Nest Health's reach to new markets and health plans.

Rebekah Gee, Founder and CEO, Nest Health: ''Greater reach allows Nest to meaningfully change the health not only of families we serve, but of populations as a whole. Families eat together, experience addiction together, and experience poverty and poor health together. Treating an individual alone, particularly for high-and-rising-risk caregivers, ignores this reality and ultimately leads to poor health outcomes for the family. Treating the family as a unit, when and where it's convenient for them, at home, has the power to radically improve access to quality healthcare for families, in Louisiana and beyond."

Founded in 2021, Nest Health is the first value-based healthcare practice built for families. Nest provides parents and children with convenient and compassionate primary care through house calls, virtual care & 24/7 medical, behavioral, and social support. Since launching, Nest Health's services have become accessible at no additional cost to thousands of families covered by Medicaid in the greater New Orleans area.

Brad Otto, Principal, SpringTide:  "We're thrilled to support Nest and their mission to make whole-family care radically accessible. This investment signals a much-needed change to support innovations delivering care to our country's most vulnerable populations. Nest is the first to design home-based care for families and we couldn't be more excited to be a part of this critical stage of growth for the company and the industry."

This investment marks a significant milestone in Medicaid innovation. With $800 billion of annual spend, Medicaid covers 83 million people and 42% of the country's births, yet remains an untapped market for privately funded solutions, resulting in only $1.6 billion annually in venture capital investments. As compared to Medicare Advantage, a program covering 31 million people with half the national spending as Medicaid, Medicare Advantage investments exceed $21.1 billion annually from venture capital.

The U.S. lags far behind other high-income nations when it comes to maternal, infant, and family health outcomes. Louisiana in particular ranks 49th in child well-being in the country and just as low on maternal health outcomes[4]. 39 out of every 100-thousand mothers in Louisiana die during or shortly after childbirth.