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Media.Monks partners with Adobe GenStudio to transform end-to-end content supply chains

Media.Monks partners with Adobe GenStudio to transform end-to-end content supply chains

S4Capital's operating brand Media.Monks, a digital-first advertising and marketing services company, has partnered with Adobe, to transform end-to-end content supply chains and drive efficiency across Media.Monks three practices: content, data&digital media and technology services.

At the core of this collaboration is the launch of the Brand Model Practice, which will leverage Adobe GenStudio, a generative AI-first offering that lets marketing teams quickly plan, create, manage, activate, and measure on-brand content, and Media.Monks' AI-first solution Monks.Flow to create generative AI brand models. These models are designed to help marketers reduce costs, advance creativity, build business intelligence, and maximize the impact of their marketing to drive growth.

Media.Monks brings deep expertise in innovation and a range of scaled creative capabilities to deliver holistic solutions across the full customer journey. The new Brand Model Practice will integrate Adobe GenStudio into Monks.Flow, accelerating digital transformation for enterprise clients in the era of AI with optimized content supply chain solutions that cut costs and deliver at speed and scale.

Media.Monks' Brand Model Practice aids in both efforts through the development of artificial intelligence systems that are tailored to specific brand goals and needs. These models are trained on unique brand data, such as marketing materials, customer interactions, product information, and brand guidelines, to generate brand-specific content, insights and experiences.

Brands have always invested in crafting meticulous guidelines and design languages to ensure their identity is presented consistently and authentically everywhere they show up. The Brand Model Practice is the next evolution of this exercise: by encoding a brand's DNA into an AI-powered content supply chain, the model can intelligently generate and adapt creative assets, messaging, and even entire customer experiences - all while staying true to the brand's core perspective and values.

By drawing on Media.Monks core practices of content, data&digital media and technology services, the Brand Model Practice represents a continuation of the company's long-standing cross-functional expertise, supercharged with Adobe GenStudio. The practice will be led by talent from across Media.Monks' practices, combining their skill sets to drive comprehensive AI solutions.

The seamless integration of Adobe GenStudio into Media.Monks' AI-first professional managed service Monks.Flow will allow brands to fast-track AI transformation, enabling them to optimize their entire content supply chain with generative AI. The combined content supply chain expertly manages data assets, image generation, and efficient processes, all within a plug-and-play model that can easily integrate into any brand's existing tech stack. By simplifying the transition, Media.Monks allows brands to quickly harness the full potential of AI-driven solutions.

Bruno Lambertini, Co-founder, Media.Monks: "We're excited to leverage Adobe GenStudio to better serve marketers who need bespoke brand models at speed. Seamless integrations make room for innovation, and by building an end-to-end content pipeline, brands are better equipped to streamline production, become more agile and ultimately enhance creative experiences. We're setting new benchmarks for creativity and customization in the age of AI."

Tony Sanders, Senior Director, Adobe: "Brands are looking to drive profitable growth through delivering personalization at scale, but they need ways to scale the production of new and fresh content. Our collaboration with Media.Monks brings together best-in-class technology with implementation expertise, helping organizations navigate the complexities of creating an efficient content supply chain."

Media.Monks has a longstanding relationship with Adobe as an Adobe Platinum Solution Partner, and has achieved the highest level of certifications for Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) and Adobe Campaign. With 290 accreditations and certifications, Media.Monks' expertise spans comprehensive Adobe Experience Cloud solutions, including consulting, technology, training and support.