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Marin Software expands offering with two new solutions for performance marketers news

Marin Software expands offering with two new solutions for performance marketers

Marin Software, a provider of digital marketing solutions, has announced the launch of two powerful products, Connect and Ascend.

These new products give performance marketers unprecedented insights and AI-powered tools to improve results across performance marketing channels, including paid search, social, app advertising, and retail media.

Connect revolutionizes how marketers access, analyze and share their data. Ascend offers a unified approach to allocating spend across channels for optimal performance.

Connect is a game-changing marketing analytics platform that seamlessly unifies performance marketing data from various sources. By consolidating fragmented publisher data with online and offline conversion data, the platform empowers marketers to access data where it is needed and to glean valuable insights into the performance of their campaigns with advanced analytics.

Connect enables users to:

Collect: Automatically harmonize data from diverse sources, removing discrepancies and inconsistencies, enabling marketers to work with reliable and accurate data.

Analyze: Access real-time performance data through intuitive in-app dashboards, offering a comprehensive view of their marketing efforts plus powerful AI to accelerate data-driven decision-making.

Share: Export insights to Excel or Google Sheets, a company's data warehouse, or preferred business intelligence (BI) tools–ensuring seamless integration with existing workflows.

Building on the integrated data from Connect, Ascend introduces advanced AI-powered tools that proactively analyze data to optimize campaign performance across channels to help deliver more sales and maximize the ROI on your marketing investment.

Ascend includes:

AI-Powered Forecasting: Make informed decisions about investment levels to achieve campaign objectives with Ascend’s intelligent algorithms that forecast tradeoffs between volume and efficiency across channels and publishers.

Budget and Target Management: Automatically manage and optimize campaign budgets and bidding targets based on real-time data. Marketers can maximize revenue while staying within specified budget or efficiency targets.

Performance Maximization: Continuously monitor and fine-tune campaign parameters to improve performance, leveraging AI-driven insights to deliver the best possible outcomes for every marketing dollar spent.

Chris Lien, CEO, Marin Software: "We remain laser-focused on solving the problems that performance marketers face as the ecosystem continues to fragment and diversify. With these problems in mind, we’re excited to bring Connect and Ascend to market to help put the power of intelligent data analysis and AI-driven optimization in their hands. Our goal is to provide our clients with a unified ecosystem that simplifies their workflows and supercharges their ability to achieve remarkable results."

The addition of Connect and Ascend solidifies Marin's commitment to empowering marketers with cutting-edge tools to drive success in an increasingly competitive digital landscape.

By unifying fragmented data, providing valuable insights, and leveraging AI-driven optimization, marketers can unlock the full potential of their marketing efforts and achieve improved performance.