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Locala’s drive-to-store technology certified by the Mobile Marketing Association

Locala’s drive-to-store technology certified by the Mobile Marketing Association

The Mobile Marketing Association, in partnership with the CESP, has granted Locala the Drive-to-Trust ‘Right Place’ certification for their drive-to-store technology. This certification acknowledges drive-to-store advertising solutions that deliver effective local or geolocated campaigns and guarantees the quality of their geotargeting.

Nearly half of the world population owns a smartphone with integrated user positioning software today.

Technological solution providers have seized this opportunity to leverage users’ geolocation data to help advertisers run relevant media activations to drive consumers to points of sale depending on their physical location.

 By partnering with the CESP, the Mobile Marketing Association is defining the gold standard for these drive-to-store advertising providers – ensuring the relevance of the audited criteria and a neutral and impartial certification process – to give advertisers more confidence in these technological solutions.

With this certification, brands can be sure that they’re working with verified and accurate drive-to-store partners. As a large majority of advertisers is switching to drive-to-store and an increasing number of technological solutions are popping up, the Drive-to-Trust label will help brands know which solutions will provide them with reliable and unique location data from mobile devices to deliver data-driven campaigns to drive more customers to stores, dealerships and restaurants.

Thanks to the mobile geolocation data of opted-in users, Locala can offer advertisers effective drive-to-store campaigns by pinpointing the right audience, sending them appropriate messages and measuring resulting in-store visits – the holy grail for retailers who still generate most of their revenue through brick-and-mortar sales.

Christophe Collet, CEO, Locala: “This certification underlines the precision and quality of our technology. It’s important that advertisers know they can trust their drive to store partners to deliver effective, accurate campaigns, and this is a fantastic step forward for the industry.”