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Intuit Mailchimp launches global campaign to help marketers untangle their clustomer problem news

Intuit Mailchimp launches global campaign to help marketers untangle their clustomer problem

Intuit Mailchimp, the email marketing and automation platform, has announced the launch of a new global brand and product campaign: ‘Turn Clustomers Into Customers’—all crafted by our in-house agency Wink Creative (named Ad Age’s 2023 In-House Agency of the Year), with help from Pretty Bird, powerhouse director, Calmatic, and Breakfast for Dinner.

Jeremy Jones, Group Creative Director, Intuit Mailchimp: “We are in a unique position to be a marketing company marketing to marketers. So when research revealed that our advanced marketing customers’ biggest pain point was figuring out better ways to personalize at scale to make the most out of their web of customers, we instantly wanted to visualize that problem in a fun and simple way that marketers could identify with. And thus, the Clustomer idea was born. A tangled mess of customers with different behaviors that have all been grouped together as one audience. At Wink, we think it's our best, most distinct campaign yet, and we couldn’t be more excited for the world to see it.”

Most marketers think they have a Customer problem. In reality, they have a Clustomer problem.

When marketers fail to segment targets and personalize their messaging to the fullest extent, the result is clustomers. Amorphous blobs of undifferentiated customers that all receive the same marketing message. Yuck.

Mailchimp has advanced marketing capabilities to help release marketers from the Clustomer and see up to 141% more revenue with AI-built predicted segments. To help them along the journey, the company recently announced a new generative AI assistant called Intuit Assist, a marketing strategist that will help onen draft emails and help save you time.

This year, Mailchimp also released over 150 new and updated features, like advanced segmentation, custom reporting, more e-commerce automations and customer journeys, SMS marketing, and enhanced support options to help marketers spend less time creating emails and reports, accelerate their e-commerce growth, and reach their customers with truly targeted marketing.

According to the company, these tools help unlock ‘personalization at scale’ so that marketers can see their customers and potential customers' individual needs more clearly: Some need to be reunited with their abandoned shopping carts, some need to be converted, some are ripe for cross-selling. Mailchimp’s advanced personalization tools use real-time behavioral data and automated triggers to take a Clustomer, break it into like-minded targets, then send them personalized marketing.

Mailchimp customers can tap into their customer data for more personalization than ever before, allowing them to:

Get up to 7 times more orders with automated journeys

Use 50+ behavior-based triggers for advanced personalization

Segment with advanced AI tools for up to 141% more revenue

Bringing the Clustomer to Life

The campaign, targeting advanced marketers around the globe, aims to build a whimsical and ethereal world built off the emotions marketers feel when moving through different phases of the classic marketing funnel.

For example, when marketers are in the early stages of attracting prospective customers and making them aware of a particular product or service they can often feel disordered, confined, and confused. That’s visually represented by the campaign’s hero image of the Clustomer ball.

As marketers begin to build awareness and consideration for purchasing among their target audience the campaign transitions into visuals that evoke feelings like: freeing, graceful, and ethereal.

Finally, when marketers reach the coveted stage of converting prospective customers into paid ones, untangling the complex web of their Clustomer problem, the visuals begin to feel more grounded, balanced, and clean. This represents the power and orderliness brought about by Mailchimp’s AI-backed marketing and automation tools.