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Initiative launched to bolster support for African brands

Initiative launched to bolster support for African brands

BCW Africa, Brand Leadership, Kantar and Geopoll have launched the #BuyAfricaBuildAfrica initiative to encourage local brands to adopt the #BuyAfricaBuildAfrica stamp of approval for ‘made in Africa’ brands and to wear their local identity with pride.

In the ten years since the inception of the Brand Africa 100: Africa’s Best Brands survey and rankings, regarded as the most authoritative survey and analysis of brands on the continent, African brands have lagged their non-African counterparts. 

Since a high of a 34% share in 2011 when the first survey was launched, African brands have dropped to an all-time low with just a 13% share of the Top 100 brands Africans admire in the 2020 survey.  Non-African brands accounted for 87% of the Top 100 brands.

Thebe Ikalafeng, Executive Head: Brand Leadership and Founder, Brand Africa 100: “African brands have an important role to play in helping to build the image and competitiveness of the continent. 63% of African respondents prefer to buy African brands whenever possible.  In the wake of COVID-19, there has been a shift in consumer values towards community and supporting local, which is likely to continue beyond the pandemic.  This provides fresh opportunities to invest in local brands, drive greater consciousness amongst consumers and ultimately grow the number of African brands that Africans admire and that feature in the Brand Africa 100:  Africa’s Best Brands.”

#BuyAfricaBuildAfrica is aligned with and supports the African Union 2063 agenda for a united, peaceful and prosperous Africa and the Africa Continental Free Trade Area Agreement (AfCFTA) goal to accelerate intra-African trade and boost Africa’s trading position in the global market.

With the #BuyAfricaBuildAfrica initiative, there are five criteria for qualification as an African brand:A brand created in Africa, a brand registered and trading in Africa, An Africa brand tax-registered and -compliant in Africa, a brand serving African and global consumers and a brand employing at least one person other than the founder

Local brands can register by visiting www.brand.Africa/buyafricabuildafrica and completing a short form. Upon verification, they can print out a certificate and access #BuyAfricaBuildAfrica collateral templates that can be used to promote the business as a purveyor of African products and services and to build a profile as an African brand. #BuyAfricaBuildAfrica is a non-profit initiative and no fees are required to join the movement.

Karin Du Chenne, Chief Growth Officer – Africa and the Middle East, Kantar: “Local brands that have been in the Brand Africa 100 over the past 10 years are being encouraged to register on the platform and start displaying the logo in their marketing campaigns – as the pioneers that they are. The call also goes out to other African brands, of all sizes and across many industry sectors, to sign up and start wearing your local identity with pride. “Consumers also have an important role to play in identifying, sharing about and supporting local brands because, by buying Africa we can build Africa – together.”

Robyn de Villiers, Chairman and CEO, BCW Africa: “Our teams of brand experts, research specialists and communication professionals across the continent are the catalysts for this initiative, in the hope that many others will support it. We have collaborated on the Brand Africa 100 with Brand Leadership for some years now – so this takes our joint commitment to building brands in Africa one step further.”