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IAS expands AI-driven brand safety and suitability measurement to Meta

IAS expands AI-driven brand safety and suitability measurement to Meta

Integral Ad Science, a global media measurement and optimization platform, has announced that its AI-driven Total Media Quality (TMQ) Brand Safety and Suitability Measurement product is now generally available across Facebook and Instagram Feed and Reels.

IAS’s new post-bid Brand Safety and Suitability Measurement expansion with Meta gives advertisers increased transparency into whether their campaigns are appearing next to safe and suitable content.

Lisa Utzschneider, CEO, IAS: “IAS is steadfast in delivering solutions to help marketers measure and optimize performance in dynamic, user-generated social environments like Facebook and Instagram. This expansion allows brands to identify higher-quality media and scale across these platforms, signifying another important milestone in helping brands enhance brand equity across the entire digital ecosystem.”

Advertisers can now gain access to:

  • AI-driven Classification: IAS measures adjacent posts to an advertiser’s campaign using its Multimedia Technology to provide unique insight into video content through frame-by-frame analysis of images, audio, and text to provide the most accurate measurement at scale.
  • Trust and Transparency: The measurement framework is aligned to the Global Alliance for Responsible Media (GARM), providing advertisers with third-party validation with trusted and transparent industry metrics.
  • Third-party Validation: Advertisers can understand how their Meta Inventory Filters are performing for their campaign goals and optimize as needed.

Samantha Stetson, Vice President Client Council and Industry Trades, Meta: “IAS’s release of Brand Safety and Suitability Measurement across Facebook and Instagram is a meaningful step forward in our continued work to provide transparency and trust across our advertising ecosystem. Responsible marketing is a top priority at Meta – and we are pleased with our continued partnership to bring this important solution to our advertisers.”

Advertisers can leverage IAS Signal, its unified reporting platform that delivers the data and insights advertisers need to easily manage their digital campaigns.

Karyn Johnson, Vice President of Digital Marketing, Verizon: “One of the most important things for us as an advertiser is maintaining the gold standard of brand suitability, and IAS plays a key role in protecting our advertisements from being placed in environments where it’s not safe or doesn’t align to our company values. It’s great to see IAS implementing this additional third-party measurement so we can use their tools to ensure we can reach those objectives across all platforms.”

IAS and Meta’s partnership began in 2016 when IAS launched viewability verification on Facebook. In 2017, IAS expanded its viewability measurement and reporting across Facebook, Instagram, and Facebook’s Audience Network. From 2019, IAS brought its brand suitability offering to Facebook. In 2023, it expanded its measurement capabilities with Meta including viewability and invalid traffic (IVT) measurement across Facebook and Instagram Reels.