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Heineken and Amsterdam join hands for the city's 750th birthday news

Heineken and Amsterdam join hands for the city's 750th birthday

Heineken and the city of Amsterdam have joined hands to make the 750th anniversary of the city possible.

The Amsterdam-based brewer will officially be main sponsor of the Amsterdam 750 anniversary year. To celebrate the festive collaboration between the city and the brewery, Mayor of Amsterdam Femke Halsema and Heineken CEO Dolf van den Brink raised a glass in the old boardroom of Heineken  on the Tweede Weteringplantsoen in Amsterdam.

A hopping city

The Amsterdam 750th anniversary kicks off on October the 27th 2024 with an opening concert and continues with a year of events, parties, concerts, theatre performances and exhibitions.

The city will be hopping like never before.

Dolf Van Den Brink, Chairman of the Executive Boad, CEO, Heineken: We have been suppliers of good times for over 150 years. Heineken® was born and raised in this beautiful city; as proud residents, we are delighted to contribute to the festivities. Not only because we share a rich history, but also because we are now a vibrant part of the colourful society that the city embodies. From the traditional Amsterdam pubs to the terraces, the club or the stadium, the neighbourhood gathering, the picnic in the park, or the housewarming. As an employer and an Experience for beer lovers, Heineken® is part of the city's fabric. Together with, and for, the people of Amsterdam, we will make it an unforgettable year of celebration. While the details of the sponsorship are still unfolding, one thing is certain; there are good times in store the entire city can enjoy. I look forward to the moment when we can raise a toast with everyone who holds Amsterdam dear on its 750th anniversary.

Femke Halsema, Mayor, Amsterdam: “Anyone who looks at the rich history of our city cannot ignore Heineken. Gerard Heineken was 22 years old when he started the family business in the 19th century, with an entrepreneurial spirit that still fits Amsterdam exceptionally well. For one and a half centuries, Heineken has been part of many festive moments and milestones in the city, in the stadium, the theatre, or the corner café. The brewer has now become world-famous but remains loyal to the place where it all began. That is why I am proud of this new partnership. The Amsterdam business community is indispensable for the celebration of our birthday. Together, we look back on 750 eventful years and look forward to a festive and grand anniversary year for all Amsterdammers and everyone who holds our city dear.”