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HeartX Accelerator announces five startups selected for the 2023 program startups

HeartX Accelerator announces five startups selected for the 2023 program

HeartX, powered by HealthTech Arkansas and MedAxiom along with eleven leading cardiology practices in Arkansas and around the country, has selected the five healthcare startups that will participate in the 2023 accelerator program. HeartX is a cardiovascular-focused healthcare accelerator that facilitates guaranteed hospital pilot projects and clinical trials for accomplished, early-stage companies bringing new cardiovascular innovations to market.

The five companies selected for the 2023 HeartX program are:

Flosonics Medical produces the FloPatch, a wireless, wearable Doppler ultrasound that directly assesses carotid arterial pulse within seconds. Data from the FloPatch provides a window to the left ventricle, which helps clinicians determine when a patient is no longer fluid-responsive, avoiding harmful and ineffective IV fluids. 

Happitech offers an accessible and scalable solution for identifying patients at risk of atrial fibrillation (AF). By placing a finger on a smartphone's camera for 90 seconds, individuals can screen for AF with a sensitivity and specificity similar to the standard of care. This is well suited for at-risk underserved populations, the elderly, and low-income individuals promoting improved health equity. 

  • MindMicsMassachusettsUnited States

MindMics delivers heart monitoring through low-frequency acoustical vibrations detected in the ear canal with technology embedded in earbuds and hearing aids. The results are highly accurate regardless of skin tone, skin thickness, and body mass. The sound-based technology has been clinically validated in collaboration with leading researchers and world-renowned medical institutions. 

Nanowear is an AI-based remote diagnostics tool utilizing proprietary patented cloth-based nanotechnology. The nanosensors capture over 85 medical-grade biomarkers directly from the skin, enabling a closed-loop digital system for specific machine-learning algorithms built on terabytes of unique human data. 

SmartCardia produces the 7L Patch, a revolutionary platform and 7-Lead ECG patch for cardiology and remote patient monitoring (RPM) that is a breakthrough 7/14 day patch offering real-time 7-Lead ECG and vitals with SaaS. A single patch serves multiple service types: Mobile Cardiac Telemetry, RPM, Holter, Extended Holter, and Event Monitoring. 

Jeff Stinson, Director, HealthTech Arkansas: "We are excited to reveal the 2023 HeartX cohort companies, which were hand-selected by our participating cardiology practices. With MedAxiom's help, we've been able to grow the HeartX program to international prominence. Through the guaranteed clinical engagement and the national visibility provided through MedAxiom's national network of cardiology practices, we're now attracting the very best cardiovascular startups from around the world. We're very grateful for this opportunity." 

Joe Sasson, Chief Commercial Officer and EVP, MedAxiom Ventures: ''The cardiovascular industry has been at the forefront of healthcare innovation and new technologies and solutions are arising at a rapid pace. We're excited to partner with five companies that are transforming cardiovascular care around the world as part of the 2023 HeartX program. While the heart of the program remains in Arkansas, we've expanded clinical trial sites nationwide to advance innovations that promise to improve care delivery. With two cohorts and ten companies now a part of HeartX, MedAxiom and HealthTech Arkansas are committed to expanding the portfolio to provide revolutionary solutions to patients, providers and programs.''

Representatives from each of the eleven cardiology practices, plus representatives from HealthTech Arkansas and MedAxiom, interviewed applicants and selected companies with technologies that have the potential to advance cardiovascular innovation and cardiac care at their respective organizations. Each company will receive $150,000 of investment capital as well as complete and total access to clinicians and administrators while executing their pilot projects and clinical studies in the HeartX program.