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GenAI startup to democratize marketing expertise with launch of first LLM specifically for marketing

GenAI startup to democratize marketing expertise with launch of first LLM specifically for marketing

In a transformative move to make advanced marketing expertise accessible to businesses of all sizes,, an innovative GenAI startup, has announced the release of the world's first Large Language Model (LLM) tailored specifically for the marketing domain.

This model sets a new standard for full-funnel marketing task performance, surpassing any existing model in terms of marketing-specific training data. The launch of the model represents a significant stepping stone in Marketeam's dedication to transforming Generative AI into a powerful and autonomous tool for SMBs, enterprises, and agencies alike.

Sahar Millis, Co-founder and CTO, "In the evolving landscape of AI, we're witnessing a transition from general-purpose LLMs to domain-specific models that demonstrate state-of-the-art performance in their respective fields - such as healthcare, finance, law, code, and now marketing. We just published an early checkpoint of our model LLaMarketing to the AI community, while the fully trained model acts as a 'Marketing Operating System' with support in understating, reasoning, actions, and feedback. Marketeam's model leverages meticulously curated proprietary data and cutting-edge alignment techniques, resulting in marketing-specific training data that is already 14 times larger than any other model. Our datasets enable us to redefine performance benchmarks across the GenAI ecosystem, powering a new generation of marketing-focused generative AI applications."

Driven by Marketeam's goal to democratize intricate marketing expertise, the model provides end-to-end solutions for businesses of all sizes and budgets. It can seamlessly handle research, analytics, strategy, planning, content creation, and more. Additionally, the model operates proactively through a unique collaborative approach - multi-human/multi-agent interface, which the company will release in beta next month.

Naama Manova-Twito, Co-founder and CEO, "Our goal is to transform Generative AI from a content 'assistant' to a comprehensive solution for both business owners and marketing professionals. Launching our Marketing Foundation Model is the first step in our journey towards making marketing expertise widely accessible, easy to use, and seamlessly integrated into everyday work practices for every business at any budget."