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Fifty percent of TV viewers shop on mobile devices while watching awards shows, study news

Fifty percent of TV viewers shop on mobile devices while watching awards shows, study

LG Ad Solutions, a global player in connected TV and cross-screen advertising, has released the findings of its Awards Show Viewer Study. The study found that during awards shows, 87% of consumers say they multitask with their mobile phone or alternative devices during the program, with 50% stating they shop on these devices while watching TV.

The study surveyed more than 750 consumers in January 2023 to explore audience preferences and perceptions during awards shows, commitment to content viewership, and the influence of alternative devices. Titled “Awards Show Viewer Study,” the study also found:

60% of viewers plan to stream at least one awards show in 2023, with 89% of viewers planning to spend the same or more time watching awards shows compared to 2022.

95% of viewers are likely to remember brands that sponsor awards shows, and 95% stated they feel the same or favorable towards brands sponsoring awards shows.

71% of consumers plan to watch awards shows live in real-time, the same percentage as in 2022.

A combined 81% of viewers spend time playing games and browsing social media while watching awards shows (40% and 41%, respectively).

Tony Marlow, CMO, LG Ad Solutions: "The results of our latest study pinpoint a clear and committed awards show audience that is shifting towards streaming, and who multitask and shop on their phones and tablets while watching, presenting an opportunity for brands to reach consumers and impact buying decisions in real-time. And the creative strategies within the ad slots themselves matter, too: while the majority of consumers multitask and shop on their phones and tablets, they're also more likely to buy from brands leveraging innovative, personalized ad formats like QR codes and location enhancement."

The full report can be accessed here