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[eMarketer] US leads in health tech funding

[eMarketer] US leads in health tech funding

The US leads health tech funding so far this year, with $31.9 billion in VC investment, per TechCrunch.

China trails second with $4.1 billion in health-tech VC funding.

And the UK is third with $3.8 billion.

While the US is spending much more than its counterparts, they’re catching up: Since 2016, the UK’s health tech investment grew ninefold from $420 million, while US investment grew 3.4 times.

US healthcare costs and spending are the highest in the world. The US’ per capita healthcare spending is already almost 2X the average of other wealthy countries.

Yet it ranks last in quality of care and health system performance when stacked up against other high-income countries (like Canada, the UK, and Australia), per The Commonwealth Fund’s August 2021 analysis.

Digital health solutions could help save a ton on healthcare spending in the long haul, and is likely the motivating factor for high investments.

eMarketer posits that more international digital health startups might eye the US market to score funding dollars—we’re already starting to see this happen with some AI and RPM startups.

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