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[eMarketer] Meta finds a fitness pipeline in the Apple ecosystem 

[eMarketer] Meta finds a fitness pipeline in the Apple ecosystem 

The metaverse will finally meet Apple’s walled garden when Oculus Quest 2 headset users receive an update that lets them send their workout data to Apple’s Health app.

The metaverse is a mostly isolated VR ecosystem, but a new update to Meta’s VR headsets will let users share their fitness data with Apple Health, which could result in wider adoption, per AppleInsider.

According to eMarketer, since VR fitness has been one of the stickiest applications in the metaverse, the integration with Apple Health can go a long way in retaining users—especially those who already use Apple devices.

iOS and Apple Watch device users have an added incentive to try out VR fitness apps and work toward closing their activity rings. Apple can also use this integration to develop its own VR or AR fitness service for its future goggles.

This is the first major integration for Meta’s Oculus Quest 2 outside the metaverse and it is in an area that resonates with consumers and which they don’t mind spending on.

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