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Delta is the world’s most valuable airline brand, report news

Delta is the world’s most valuable airline brand, report

The world’s top 5 most valuable airline brands logged brand value growths of at least 11%, according to a new report by Brand Finance, the world’s brand valuation consultancy.

 American brand Delta (brand value up 21% to USD10.8 billion) retained its top position as the world’s most valuable airline brand for the sixth consecutive year.

Similarly, other American brands, American Airlines (brand value up 21% to USD10.2 billion), United Airlines (brand value up 11% to USD8.7 billion) and Southwest Airlines (brand value up 15% to USD5.4 billion), kept their places in 2nd, 3rd and 5th. Completing the world’s top 5 most valuable airline brands, UAE brand Emirates (brand value up 30% to USD6.6 billion) defended its title as the world’s fourth most valuable airline brand.

The strongest airline brands in the world are ANA (brand value down 15% to USD2 billion), followed by Indigo (brand value up 26% to USD1.1 billion) and Emirates. ANA retains its first place with a brand strength rating of AAA-, while Indigo and Emirates surged from sixteenth and twelfth positions, respectively, the previous year.

The largest brand value improvements are by British Airways, and Emirates. They demonstrated impressive double-digit brand value increases in 2024, reflecting their commitments to excellence, customer satisfaction and strategic brand management in the ever-competitive global airline sector.

British Airways and recorded the largest increases in brand value with a 45% climb to USD3.2 billion and a 34% rise to USD949 million, respectively. In comparison, Emirates emerged as the third largest brand value improvement with 30% growth.’s performance is al the more impressive as it has surged past its pre-pandemic brand value, while BA and Emirates have more or less recovered to their pre-pandemic valuations.

With global travel recovering after the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, airline brands in the Middle East have seen a significant rise in traffic, with total traffic in 2023 almost returning to pre-pandemic levels.

Middle East aviation was also expected to recover more quickly last year due to factors such as the ongoing expansion of the regional fleet, estimated to be 5.1% annually over the next ten years, a surge in travel to the region owing to the FIFA World Cup, and aggressive campaigns from Saudi Arabia to attract tourists.

With Emirates taking the crown of most valuable Middle Eastern airline brand, Qatar Airways (brand value up 27% to USD3.1 billion) is the 2nd most valuable Middle Eastern brand, maintaining its brand strength rating at AA+. Next in line, Saudia (brand value up 23% to USD797 million) recorded an improvement in brand strength rating from A to A+, ahead of Etihad Airways (brand value up 7% to USD754 million), which retained its brand strength rating of AA.

Savio D’Souza, Valuation Director, Brand Finance: “The sector has shown tremendous resilience with brand values for the top 50 brands growing by 39% since 2021, bouncing back to pre-pandemic levels. The outlook is expected to be challenging as supply constraints and an uncertain macroeconomic outlook leading to sectoral growth in the low single digits; It is precisely in these conditions where companies who have optimised their investment in brand will tend to outperform the market.”

Brand Finance also utilises its Global Brand Equity Monitor (GBEM) research to compile a Sustainability Perceptions Index which determines the role of sustainability in driving brand consideration across sectors. In the airline sector, sustainability drives 6.5% of customer consideration. Brand Finance’s perceptual data also offers insight into which brands global consumers believe most committed to sustainability.

In addition to ranking the world’s most valuable airline brands, the Brand Finance Airlines 50 report also ranks the world’s most valuable airport brands. This year, London’s Heathrow Airport has increased its brand value by almost a quarter to reach a total of USD832 million to retake its position as the world’s most valuable airport brand. Last year’s top-ranked airport brand, Paris Aeroport, increased its brand value by only 13% to USD779 million and is now the second most valuable airport brand in the world.