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Canadian tech startup Artemis raises $1.5m pre-seed funding to automate data cleaning for analytics and AI

Canadian tech startup Artemis raises $1.5m pre-seed funding to automate data cleaning for analytics and AI

Artemis, a Canadian technology startup innovating data preparation to address data quality challenges, has secured $1.5 million in pre-seed funding. The round was led by Raven Indigenous Capital Partners, with participation from Telegraph Hill CapitalRipple Ventures, and other angel investors. Artemis plans to use the funds to fuel its mission to simplify data preparation and provide easier access to data cleaning for both technical and non-technical users.

Josh GrayCo-founder, Artemis: "The winners in the world of AI are organizations that have clean and accessible data. Today, the tools to clean and transform data do not allow teams to scale their work fast enough to keep up with the demand for insights and new AI products. Artemis is here to change that. As a proud Indigenous-led company, this funding allows Artemis to continue growing, innovating, and adding a wider expanse of features to penetrate new markets. Our fast-growing team is deeply grateful for the trust and confidence this group of investors and angels have placed in our company." 

Artemis was founded in 2022 with the vision to create an easy-to-use platform that enables teams to build, explore, and automate data-cleaning tasks using autonomous AI agents. These agents can be easily manipulated on a drag-and-drop canvas and deployed in an organization's data warehouse. The Artemis platform accelerates data-cleaning processes by up to 50 times, transforming how data-rich teams clean, manage, and use their datasets.

Althea Wishloff, General Partner, Raven Indigenous Capital Partners: "Raven Indigenous Capital Partners is proud to support Artemis - a game-changing data technology company led by Indigenous co-founder, Josh. We are impressed by the company's innovative platform, which revolutionizes data cleanup and automation. Artemis also aligns with our mission to empower Indigenous entrepreneurs.''

Luis Gutierrez Roy, Managing General Partner, Telegraph Hill Capital: "At Telegraph Hill Capital, we realized across our portfolio how crucial clean and high-quality data is for our businesses who want to scale new AI products. When we met with Artemis, it was clear this was a team and company we wanted to work with.''

The Artemis platform is already adding valuable impact for B2B e-commerce and healthcare markets through successful proof-of-concept engagements with companies like Matter, a growth platform for e-commerce brands, and AlayaCare, a global technology platform for home and community-based care. Through these relationships, Artemis is positioned to expand its reach and serve an even broader range of clients for their data automation journeys.