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Bengaluru-based Gen AI startup Vodex powers up with $2m seed investment to accelerate global expansion

Bengaluru-based Gen AI startup Vodex powers up with $2m seed investment to accelerate global expansion

Pioneering Gen AI startup Vodex, announced it has raised $2 million in a seed round from Unicorn India Ventures, and Pentathlon Ventures. Vodex was previously backed by 100X.VC and has achieved a remarkable $1 million ARR in less than a year.

Since 2022, Vodex has been helping businesses in the USA and Canada with their outbound calling needs using their in-house Gen AI-powered solution. Vodex's technology creates natural-sounding voice conversations that feel just like talking to a real person. This helps businesses connect with customers better, making operations smoother and customer engagement stronger.

Anshul Shrivastava and Kumar Saurav, Co-founders, Vodex: ''This investment is a game-changer. It validates the power of Generative AI to transform sales and the confidence investors have in Vodex's ability to lead that charge. Our solution empowers businesses to close deals faster, at scale, and all while providing a natural, engaging experience for customers. We can't wait for the next chapter of Vodex!"

Vodex will deploy the funds towards product and global expansion initiatives. The company plans to scale its business in the next one year with its sights set on the launch of Vodex 3.0 version in a few months.

Bhaskar Majumdar, Founder and Managing Partner, Unicorn India Ventures: "We see disruptive capabilities in Vodex to emerge as a formidable player by applying the power of Gen AI and SaaS to help enterprises manage their CRM engagements more efficiently."

Vodex's journey has been marked by perseverance and a commitment to innovation. The company has overcome industry wide challenges and emerged as a leader in the Gen AI-powered sales space.

Saurabh Lahoti, Managing Partner, Pentathlon Ventures: "We are super excited to be working with Kumar and Anshul. They are onto something big by making AI sales agents a reality. Their speed and agility in the fast-evolving AI landscape will keep them ahead and help them emerge as winners!"

Powered with technological advancements and continuous fusion of new AI based changes Vodex continues to be the leader in their in-house Gen AI technology, ensuring its AI salesperson is even more sophisticated, impactful, and future ready.