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News Literacy Project launches election misinformation campaign in US news

News Literacy Project launches election misinformation campaign in US

The US-based nonpartisan nonprofit News Literacy Project is leading a campaign this election season to help voters avoid misinformation and make well-informed decisions at the polls.

The campaign, "Election 2024: Be informed, not misled," will ensure more Americans can discern fact from fiction when it comes to voting.

With the potential for AI to pose new challenges, and social media moderation policies largely scaled back, NLP's campaign will teach voters how to spot common tactics of election misinformation and help people identify and seek credible sources of information.

Recognizing that Latinos are increasingly targeted with political misinformation, the effort includes Spanish-language events and resources.

Lasting through November, the campaign will include:

Public service announcements broadcast across the country in English and Spanish.

An informational series of TikTok videos and a social media ad campaign to reach young voters.

Educational events in person and online featuring leading English and Spanish-language journalists.

Tools to help voters identify and seek out credible sources and fact-based information.