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Majority of US consumers actively avoid ads across podcasts, streaming and live TV platforms, report

Majority of US consumers actively avoid ads across podcasts, streaming and live TV platforms, report

Nielsen, a global player in audience measurement, data and analytics, has released the  Nielsen 2023 Consumer Survey Report.  The survey, which polled 3,000 U.S.-based consumers earlier this year, uncovered consumers’ feelings about macroeconomic trends, their preferred platforms and channels, and sentiments around influencers, advertisements, and ad-avoidance.

The study found that marketers are up against two major challenges when it comes to reaching and ultimately influencing audiences: the prevalence of ad-avoidance and the effects of inflation. 

Nielsen found that 64% of consumers intentionally take actions to avoid ads on free, ad-supported video services, and 59% are somewhat or very likely to subscribe to a streaming service that allows them to bypass ads completely. For years, ad avoidance has been a challenge marketers have had to overcome. Now, they are also faced with a second but just as challenging hurdle: nearly all surveyed (95%) express that inflation is influencing their buying power. 

 This mix of ad avoidance and inflation concerns  presents a challenge for marketers attempting to engage and encourage action from their audiences. However, the report reveals several strategies that marketers can employ to effectively reach their target audiences amidst these hurdles, including:

  • Influencer marketing can break through the noise: A significant portion of consumers (59%) report that they are equally or more inclined to buy products endorsed by influencers they follow, underscoring the critical role of influencers in maintaining consumer engagement during economic challenges.
  • Consumers appreciate personalized marketing tactics, and content that goes beyond selling a product: Sixty-eight percent of consumers are at least somewhat likely to buy a product if a brand engages with them in a personalized way. Further, if a brand provides relevant, valuable content beyond selling their product, like a blog post around how to best enjoy the type of product they sell, 63% of consumers are somewhat, very, or completely likely to buy a product.
  • Social media advertisements continue to attract attention: More than half (55%) of consumers said they are at least somewhat likely to evaluate a new provider, brand, or product based on a social media ad or content they saw or heard, which can help marketers engage with and inspire action from their audience. 

Arica McKinnon, Vice President, Commercial Growth and Strategy, Nielsen: “With rising inflation concerns and a growing number of consumers avoiding ads,  it’s imperative that marketers focus on the most impactful campaigns,” said. To address these concerns, marketers should look to leverage influencer networks and personalized marketing tactics, while also taking into account consumer behavior, to optimize messages and campaigns that resonate.”

The full report can be accessed here