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Loop Media partners with Adnimation to increase CTV ad revenue

Loop Media partners with Adnimation to increase CTV ad revenue

Adnimation, a Google Certified Publishing Partner (GCPP) for CTV dedicated to helping digital publishers grow their businesses, and Loop Media, a multichannel streaming CTV platform for businesses, have announced a new partnership. The partnership has already yielded incremental revenue for both companies since it began.

Loop Media provides curated music videos, sports highlights, news, premium entertainment channels and digital signage for businesses, utilizing 150+ CTV out-of-home (OOH) channels to reach millions of viewers. Seeking to boost its ad revenue, Loop Media partnered with Adnimation, whose CTV Fusion tool uses a combination of advanced technology, hands-on expertise, and unique access to Google’s CTV video advertising demand to increase ad revenue for publishers.

This partnership allows Loop Media to enjoy Google’s premium demand while still looking to maintain its existing demand to maximize competition and increase fill rates and CPMs across the Loop CTV network.

Adnimation offers a growing suite of monetization tools across CTV apps, websites and mobile apps. Their unique monetization technology and hands-on expertise make it easy for publishers to increase their ad revenue.

The CTV Fusion tool for Loop’s CTV inventory uses Google’s PAL (Programmatic Access Library) SDK (Software Development Kit) that enables CTV apps to access and share audience targeting signals with Google Ad Manager. These signals encompass valuable data points that seek to empower advertisers to reach highly relevant audiences, boosting campaign performance and maximizing ROI.

Brian Bloodgood, Head of Sales, Loop Media: “Our partnership with Adnimation has been a bonafide success. We were looking for a partner to help us diversify our CTV demand sources and Adnimation has unlocked one of the largest marketplaces for Loop. As we continue to test new products and ideas with Adnimation, we are excited to see how we develop as partners in the future.”

Maor Davidovich, CEO, Adnimation: “We are very proud to partner with Loop Media and help them grow their already impressive business. The remarkable results we've witnessed thus far are just the beginning, paving the way for a great future marked by expectations of even more mutual growth and success. This collaboration serves as a testament to the immense value of Loop Media and the proven capabilities of Adnimation's CTV tool, which has consistently demonstrated its effectiveness in elevating ad revenue for CTV publishers.”