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Loop Media migrates its platform infrastructure to Amazon Web Services

Loop Media migrates its platform infrastructure to Amazon Web Services

Loop Media, Inc., the free streaming television media company for business which provides over 2 billion video views every month via restaurants, retail businesses, office buildings, doctors’ offices, airports, bars and college campuses, has announced that Loop Media has fully migrated its platform infrastructure to Amazon Web Services (AWS), including Amazon Relational Databases (RDS) use for scalability and reliability, Amazon CloudFront for all media delivery, and Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) for all server deployments.

The company leveraged the AWS Startups program, which focuses on helping startups succeed by offering a broad range of infrastructure services, programs, and events to support startups as they launch, grow, and scale.

The expanded business relationship between Loop® and AWS includes usage of 35 different AWS services every month on average, as well as Multi-Channel Fulfillment (MCF) and Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), which now enables Loop Media to rapidly integrate new services to the platform, while simultaneously benefiting from operational cost savings.

Liam McCallum, Chief Product Officer, Loop Media: “Joining AWS Startups and working with AWS to better align our operational, process and efficiency objectives, has given Loop Media access to cost savings and operational structural improvements which we are starting to see bear fruit across the entire enterprise. As we continue to work with AWS Startups, MCF and FBA, among other services, we will obtain greater efficiencies and opportunities usually associated with billion-dollar companies,” McCallum added.

Sherry Karamdashti, Head of North America Startups, AWS: “Loop Media is exactly the type of business that AWS Startups was designed to support--from cloud storage, to database scalability, to video deliverability, to content performance, and more--our goal is to ensure startups can run like any big enterprise, but with cost savings that fit their budgets. We are excited to help Loop Media take full advantage of all the exclusive benefits of our startups program, as well as our relationship with Amazon fulfillment, so they can scale and grow.”

Before its uplist to the NYSE American exchange last year, Loop Media kicked off its cloud journey in 2020 with AWS Activate, AWS's startup hub offering self-service business and technical content covering a myriad of purposeful themes, from fundraising and legal guidance to technical documentation on solutions architecture, as well as up to $100,000 in AWS credits.