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Loop Media launches 10 holiday channels news

Loop Media launches 10 holiday channels

Loop Media, Inc. A multi-channel streaming platform that provides human-curated music video, sports, news, entertainment channels, and digital signage for businesses, has announced 10 holiday channels on Loop® TV.

These meticulously human-curated channels, created thoughtfully by members of the Loop® team rather than artificial intelligence, showcase festive videos designed to fill any business with a joyful and celebratory mood this holiday season.

Loop Media boasts a vast network of screens across North America. Recognizing the significance of the holiday season for businesses, Loop® TV embraces the festive spirit by offering 10 specialized Holiday channels.

These channels are designed to not only meet but surpass the unique requirements of diverse environments, ensuring a joyous and engaging experience for all.

Darcy Fulmer, Senior Vice President, and Head of Music, Loop Media: "Loop® TV’s music channels cater to every business need. From classic favorites to the latest releases by top artists, our holiday channels are family-friendly, and are designed to ensure customers have a joyful and positive experience."

Loop® TV has curated the following Holiday channels:

  • Holiday Super Channel - Loop® TV’s Holiday Super Channel features an uninterrupted celebration of 100 of the greatest holiday hits. This non-stop celebration will keep your spirits high throughout the season.
  • Holiday Channels (by genre) - Loop® TV’s genre-specific holiday channels, including Classical, Country, Latin, Pop, R&B, and Rock, allow you to tailor your holiday vibes to your unique tastes with diverse modern classics that ensure you get the sounds you love. Holiday Classics - Loop® TV’s Holiday Classics channel delivers the nostalgia and warmth of cherished seasonal melodies with timeless holiday hits.
  • Holiday Yule Log - Loop® TV’s Holiday Yule Log channel gives off a cozy, fireside ambiance with a collection of Yule log videos paired with festive music that will help you create a warm and inviting holiday atmosphere.
  • Inspirational Holiday - Loop® TV’s Inspirational Holiday channel is filled with uplifting religious music that will bring peace and reflection to your celebrations.