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Loop Media announces the debut of additional Latino content channels for businesses news

Loop Media announces the debut of additional Latino content channels for businesses

Loop Media, Inc., the free streaming television media company for businesses which provides over 2 billion video views every month via restaurants, retail businesses, office buildings, doctors’ offices, airports, bars and college campuses, has added the Mexican Restaurant Channel, the Mood Boost Latin Channel and the Cinco de Mayo Channel (where every day can be a celebration) to its Latino-focused channels on the Company’s Loop TV platform.

Loop Media, which currently has over 71,000 screens in North America, has seen a growing demand for premium Latino-focused in-venue entertainment content for the Hispanic U.S. business community.

Jon Niermann, CEO, Loop Media: “This new offering is yet another opportunity for Loop to dig deeper into a great category and delight our business customers—and in turn, their in-venue patrons—with a robust and authentic Hispanic experience. According to SCORE, a non-profit that has helped over 11 million aspiring entrepreneurs since 1964, there were over 5 million Hispanic-owned businesses in the United States in 2022, and 42.3% of those businesses have reported cash flow as a major concern. The Loop TV platform helps these businesses by eliminating monthly in-venue cable or satellite entertainment costs while providing a superior premium customer entertainment experience.”

Loop TV’s Latino-focused channels now include:

  • Latin Hits - Essential Spanish language pop and reggaeton hits (from the 2000s to today)
  • Latin Indie - Chill, indie pop/rock Spanish language hits (from the 2000s to today)
  • Latin Kids - Family-friendly cover versions and originals in Spanish
  • Latin Pop - PG-Rated, mid-up-tempo Spanish language pop (from the 1990s to today)
  • Latin Super Channel - Genre-defining Latin hits (every decade to today)
  • Latino Tropical - Dynamic mix of Salsa, Bachata, Cumbia, and Merengue (from the 1980s to today)
  • Live: Latin - Live performances by Latin superstars (from the 1960s to today)
  • Mood Boost Latin - Feel-good Spanish language pop ballads (from the 1980s to today)
  • Cinco de Mayo - Feel-good videos to celebrate Cinco de Mayo every day of the year (from the 1970s to today)
  • Mexican Restaurant - Music from Mexico - mariachi, banda, Norteño, pop/rock

Loop Media will be adding additional Latino-focused content to its offering in the coming months.

David Wellisch, CEO and Co-Founder, The Collage Group: “This Latino premium content bundle allows the Hispanic business community to offer specific language and relevant cultural content to US Hispanic consumers, which in turn will elevate the customer experience and potentially increase in-venue time spent and dollars spent. By providing a culture focused approach, Loop Media is demonstrating that it understands that all businesses need to focus on their customers and making the in-venue experience the best it can be.”

Manny Flores, owner-operator, Que Hospitality Group: "I'm thrilled to see Loop’s new content offering become available for us to use at our five locations. We look forward to bringing great Hispanic content to our customers as another dimension of our welcoming, authentic, culturally rich environment."

The Mexican Restaurant Channel, the Cinco de Mayo Channel and the Mood Booster Latin Channel premiered on Loop TV platform in August.